Zero 936

Zero 936 was born in Philadelphia and is currently based in Los Angeles, California. He began recording at the age of 10 and is now the youngest rapper in the history of rap music. His collaborators include Tor Lanez and Hollywood Undead.

Singer has released an acoustic

‘Again’ is his first single and he collaborated with his son on the project. The singer has released an acoustic EP called Barebones Vol. 1 and released a remix of “The End” by Hollywood Undead. The band has also toured with bands such as Shinedown and Neck Deep and teamed up with Theory of a Deadman.

The track featured Travis Barker and Clever, as well as his grandson. In addition to the upcoming ‘Adrenaline,’ the group has toured with No Love For The Middle Child and their grandson. In addition, the band has collaborated with Fueled By Ramen and performed with Shinedown.

Zero 9:36’s debut EP on ATCO Records

‘Adrenaline’ was the lead single from Zero 9:36’s debu Leave The Light On”. The band has collaborated with No Love For The Middle Child and a member of the infamous Fueled by Ramen, and has also toured with a number of bands. ‘Again’ is the second single from the acoustic Barebones Vol. 1.

Zero 9:36’s second EP is titled ‘Again.’ The song features Travis Barker’s grandson on the vocals and has an acoustic version of the song. The track also features “Adrenaline,” a remix of ‘Leave The Light On’ by Hollywood Undead. ‘Again’ has a re-release of the original single from this EP.

Collaborated with his grandson

In addition to the EP, Zero 9’36’s latest release, ‘Adrenaline’, is the second single from the band’s debut EP. The song is a hot favourite of fans and has garnered over 15 million streams on Spotify. While the artist has not released any singles with this EP yet, he has released a number of other music over the past few years. ‘Adrenaline’ is a single from the EP.

EP of new tracks and covers

Zero 9’36’s second album, ‘Again’, is an EP of new tracks and covers from Zero’36’s ‘Again’, “Alone’, and ‘Leave The Light On’, were all released in 2019. Their acoustic Barebones Vol. 1 EP is due for release in 2021.

Zero 9’36 has been a prominent figure in the Philadelphia hip-hop community for the last three years. The album featured tracks from his debut album ‘Adrenaline’, “Leave The Light On” and ‘I’m Not’. He has performed with both groups and has collaborated with other artists.

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