YOKAN Armor Plus Vaporizer

The YOKAN Armor Plus Vaporizer is an upgraded version of the original YOKAN Armor Vaporizer. This retains its rough and rugged exterior, with sharp edges and boxy trims that make it look even tougher than it already is. Underneath its tough exterior is a relatively large battery with a capacity of 650mAh. Because of this increased power, the new Vaporizer can provide you with longer sessions while you’re on the go.

Similarly, the larger battery capacity allows for greater vapor production between charges. This vaporizer, like the Yocan Regen, has two coil options. Similarly, the Vaporizer includes both the quartz dual coil and the quartz tri coil, giving it the same versatility as the aforementioned Regen. And, instead of the original Armor’s 10-second pre-heat setting, it now has a variable voltage setting with a higher rating. All of this and more make the new Vaporizer a formidable opponent.

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The battery capacity of the YOKAN Armor Plus Vaporizer has been increased to 650mAh. When compared to its predecessor, the original Yocan Armor, which had only 380mAh, the Vaporizer, definitely produces more powerful vapor and lasts significantly longer between charges. The Vaporizer’s increase allows its developers and engineers to outfit Vaporizer with significantly better features and fixtures. To begin, the improved battery enabled the use of both the quartz dual coil and the quartz tri coil. The latter, quartz tri coils, clearly require more power than the former, quartz dual coils, and the improved battery allowed the Vaporizer to accommodate the quartz tri coil’s power requirements.

The increased battery capacity also resulted in a higher voltage capacity for the Vaporizer The battery can provide you with pre-set temperature settings. Because of the increased battery capacity, the Vaporizer can now produce higher voltage settings for improved vapor production. Lower temperature settings have rated at approximately 3.4 volts, medium at approximately 3.8 volts, and high at approximately 4.2 volts. In comparison to the original YOKAN Armor, which only had temperature settings of 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0 volts. The Vaporizer is designed for heavy smokers rather than smooth vapers. Because of the increased battery capacity, it is better suited for recreational users rather than medicating patients.


The YOKAN Armor Plus Vaporizer as briefly mentioned above comes with both the YOKAN quartz tri coil and the Yocan quartz dual coil. The quartz dual coils are an iconic fixture of the brand. While the quartz tri coils are a relatively new addition to Yocan’s quartz atomizer collection. Fans of the brand will recognize the Vaporizer’s all-inclusive quartz dual coil and flavorful vapor production, which allows you to enjoy the flavonoids and terpenes in your wax concentrates while remaining functional throughout the day. The quartz tri coils, on the other hand, bring a new experience to the table. By striking the perfect balance between flavor and potency. The quartz tri coils employ three quartz rods, resulting in three times the flavor and three times the potency. When you use the Yocan Armor Plus Vaporizer, you will not be lacking in anything.

Both atomizer coils have a strong connection to the battery via 510 threads. These links provide a stable and sturdy platform for the coils, preventing them from knocking off the battery when using the Vaporizer while on the go. Each coil also has a functional coil cap that covers the coils and prevents spit backs, ensuring that you don’t burn your lips or tongue when dabbing with the Vaporizer. Similarly, the coil caps aid in heat retention, making the Vaporizer a more effective and efficient dab pen.


The Yocan Armor Plus Vaporizer may have grown a few millimeters due to the increased battery capacity. But it remains a small and compact device that you can take almost anywhere. The YOKAN Armor Plus Vaporizer measures approximately 4.6 inches tall and 0.62 inches in diameter. This keeps the Vaporizer the size of a standard office pen and allows you to keep it in your pocket, purse, or even the palm of your hands. There are dozens of ways to transport it. Whether you want to dab in the comfort of your own home. Or bring it with you when you’re out and about. The good news is that it still operates in the same manner as the original Armor. It is making it one of the best devices to use while on the move.

The V can be activated with a few button presses. Similarly, with a few taps on the same power button, you can cycle through the preset temperature settings. This means that if you’ve previously used a Yocan device, there will most likely be little to no learning curve when using the vaporizer. What this means is that you’ll be able to pick up a vaporizer and use it right away. Make sure to get your hands on a vaporizer while they’re on sale. Make sure to get yours from the source, only here at YOKAN Vaporizer.

Things get after purchasing YOKAN Armor Plus Vaporizer

If you will buy this vaporizer, then you will get these things which are listed in the following. These things have a very important role in the usage of the vaporizer.

  • YOKAN Armor Plus Vaporizer
  • Quarts Tri coil
  • Quarts dual coil
  • Dab tool
  • USB charging cable
  • User manual

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