Why Getting Science Tuition in Singapore is Important to Any Secondary Student

Why is it important for parents to get science tuition in Singapore for their children at the secondary level? The only reason to do so is that their children are falling behind in class or getting a failing grade altogether. These students aren’t alone because large class sizes in Singapore and the laser focus of teachers to finish the syllabus means that students who cannot keep up with the education system will fall through the gaps.

Like maths, science is a fairly complex subject and students falling behind can be disastrous, especially when entry to junior college is drawing near.

This is why many parents in Singapore are turning to private home science tutors for help. Private tutors offer good benefits over any classroom environment.

Focus on where the student is struggling

Secondary science subjects are complex, covering concepts in biology, chemistry, and physics. If you think about it, that covers as much ground as complex maths subjects. This means that teachers in the classroom need to move quickly from topic to topic to cover the whole syllabus. Any student struggling will definitely be left behind. Science topics are linked together so any lack of understanding in one area will affect others.

A qualified and experienced science tutor (such as those from FamilyTutor) will focus on specific areas where a student is struggling. A tutor will often spend a full lesson or two just concentrating on a student’s weakness. By focusing on the areas a student needs the most help, the tutor helps the student develop an overall understanding of science.

Correct misconceptions and misunderstandings

Like maths, science is heavy on concepts, problems, and theories. The challenge for most students is understanding these science complexities. If these misunderstandings and misconceptions are not quickly corrected, they can affect a student’s grasp of solving problems and formulae. A science tutor will always detect or notice any mistake committed by the student and correct them right away. This also means that a student doesn’t spend time “un-remembering” anything wrongly learned.

Provide better feedback

A complex subject like science means that it is important that the student receives correct and detailed feedback on their answers. In the classroom, teachers would simply say the answer is incorrect without giving proper feedback. A dedicated and experienced science tutor dedicates more time to giving feedback and showing/explaining where things went wrong, and walking the student through on how to fix it.

Showing that science can be fun

The reality of science is that some of its aspects are boring. The subject isn’t all just space travel and explosions. Thus, some topics can become a chore, and if the student cannot understand them properly, this becomes a vicious cycle. To give the student a confidence boost, science tutors attempt to show that some aspects of science can be fun. For those aspects and topics that are boring and hard, the tutor helps the student to understand them, and shows the student that as he/she improves, their marks and grades improve as well. Seeing this will have a massive impact on the confidence of the student.

Provide special study materials

Qualified, good, and experienced private home science tutors can provide the necessary special study materials, sample papers, and sample tests and exams. These are materials that the student can never get from the classroom, and can even provide tips on how to manage and answer exams.

Finding the right science tutor in Singapore

If your child is struggling with secondary-level science, a private home science tutor is a big help to get them back on track. The longer the problem is unsolved, the worse the problem will get. And hiring a science tutor is actually quite affordable, and not expensive as some would have you think.

Join us at FamilyTutor because we collaborate with only the most qualified and experienced graduate and undergraduate tutors from prestigious educational institutions like the National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Institute of Technology, Singapore Management University, Singapore University of Technology and Design, and Singapore University of Social Sciences, to name a few. If you are too busy or not sure what to expect from private home tuition, let FamilyTutor contact you instead.

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