Why consider concrete erosion mats

Erosion is a problem that the world is facing. It is important to find ways to handle this or else the topsoil in your area can lose its ability to effectively hold nutrients, regulate the water flow, and even combat pollutants. It negatively impacts the ecosystem of close by wildlife, residential properties etc. Concrete erosion mats are one way to help counter erosion.

What is a concrete mat?

A concrete mat is one that consists of concrete shapes which are interlocked together and also embedded into a high-strength type of polyester grid. The concrete mats are made to combat erosion. When it comes to these, you can find two versions, i.e. flexible and firm.

Now that you know what concrete erosion mats are, let us tell you about their benefits:          

Gives one flexibility

The concrete erosion mats are flexible in nature. There is space present that surrounds every concrete shape therefore the mats are flexible. The mat is able to contour the landscape at the time that it is laid flat. These mats are also able to be secured to a slope that is up to 60 degrees. It can easily form around stuff like pipes drains plus trees.

Permeability advantages

With a concrete erosion mat, you can get permeability advantages as well. The openings that are present amongst the concrete shapes let vegetation grow through this mat. It is vegetation that aids in anchoring the mat. It also gives it natural absorption plus filtration of sediment into the waterways.

As time passes, upon the flexible concrete mat version, the vegetation will fully cover the mat. You will get a hard surface with the concrete mat that is present for vehicular and foot traffic. It is safer to maintain these mats because they can be mowed over with the help of a commercial mower.

Runoff can be slowed down

With the help of the textured nature of the present concrete shapes, the slowing down of water can occur as it travels across and also around the shapes that are on the mat. This is effective when the vegetation grows through the located geogrid spacing.

Permanent erosion solutions

A concrete mat is able to give one a permanent solution to erosion which is a common problem that landfillsexperience. An erosion control matting will be able to protect the landfill from erosion. This is why it is preferred to counter erosion.From the above you can see that an anti erosion mat is indeed helpful especially to those people who want to control erosion. You can get these from different suppliers. If you are not sure about these, you can ask a professional to help you out. The concrete mats are even able to be employed like a temporary roadway. This is especially true during the wet weather months. They are used to also protect riverbanks, dam embankments, spillways, etc. whilst still preserving these areas natural environment. This is why they are effective to use if you are looking for a good solution to erosion.

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