Who is Jim Adler?

If you are thinking of starting a law practice, you might be wondering who Jim Adler is. In 2003, he married his wife of 38 years. The couple has 4 children and some grandchildren. Their oldest son Bill works at Jim Adler and Associates, a law firm he established in Houston. Although his law firm employs over two dozen accident attorneys and more than 250 legal support staff, the firm is not a serious business.

Celebrated his birthday on May 23

Adler was born in Dallas, Texas in 1943. He celebrated his birthday on May 23 of every year, which makes him 78 years old. Even at his age, he still feels very strong and likes helping other people. He became a lawyer after working in the military, where he spent more than a decade in the military’s legal department. He later opened his own law firm in Houston in 1973.

Adler expanded his law practice in 2002, when he starred in a nationwide television ad for the Texas Hammer muscle car brand. The ad was so successful, it went viral. The law firm he started in 1973 is a one-man operation, but Jim Adler has been practicing law for over 40 years. Adler began his career at the Texas State Securities Board, and later worked as a hearing officer for the Civilian Health and Medical Program of the United States military.

Devoted his career to personal

Despite his fame, Adler is an attorney. He has devoted his career to personal injury cases. Since opening his own law office in downtown Houston, Adler has handled thousands of accident cases. The firm has grown to more than two dozen lawyers and more than 250 legal support staff. According to the New Press, his net worth is $12 million. So, it’s no surprise that Adler is considered an icon in the Texas legal field.

Adler has a rich legacy of charitable work. His contributions to various causes are notable. He has given to organizations such as the American Cancer Society, the Armed Forces Relief Trust, and the Association for Community Television. He also contributed to other organizations, such as the Special Olympics and Easter Seals Society. It’s no wonder that he was so active. And he’s still going strong today. The late Jim Adler has made a great impact on the community.

Texas bar

Unlike most lawyers, Adler is an active member of the Texas bar. He earned his Juris Doctor at the University of Texas School of Law in 1967. In addition to his legal career, Adler has been a director of the Houston and Texas Trial Lawyers Associations.

In addition to his legal career, Jim Adler is active in many charitable causes. His social media profiles reflect his work in the area of law. He has been a part of the Houston community for more than 30 years, and his involvement in the community is noteworthy. Throughout his life, he has donated to numerous organizations. He has been a major supporter of the Armed Forces Relief Trust and is a great advocate for children.

Jim Adler has contributed

In addition to being a leader in the legal profession, Jim Adler has contributed to a number of charitable causes. He has donated to the American Cancer Society, the Armed Forces Relief Trust, the Association for Community Television, the American Heart Association, the Alzheimer’s Disease Foundation, and the Arthritis Foundation. He has also made numerous charitable donations to the Covenant House and the Easter Seals Society. This makes him a very influential and well-liked figure in the law industry.

Adler is a well-known attorney in Texas and is a prominent member of the local community. He is an active volunteer with a number of charitable causes and is a member of the Houston Bar Association, the American Heart Association, and the Association for Community Television. Adler is also a director of the Houston and Texas Trial Lawyers Associations. So, if you are looking for an accomplished trial lawyer, you should give Jim Adler a call.

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