Which Cladding Materials Are Best For You?

Today’s market offers a variety of exterior wall cladding products with a wide range of material, design, color, finish, performance, and durability options. Due to the relatively easy installation, exterior cladding over weatherboards is frequently the first option considered during a building renovation project. How can you be certain that the cladding you choose is the finest solution for your home and environment with the variety of options available? Here are few guidelines which you can follow.

  • Placing Brick On A Wall:

Brick cladding, one of the first external wall cladding systems, combines an eye-catching aesthetic with outstanding performance and structural benefits. Bricks provide great sound insulation and are fire resistant, thermally efficient, long-lasting, weatherproof, minimal maintenance, and non-toxic. Bricks are also environmentally friendly and are frequently reused, repurposed into new bricks, or crushed for fill. The variety of colors, sizes, finishes, and textures available in bricks increases design freedom.

  • Wall Cladding And Houses With Timber Siding:

In both the commercial and residential building sectors, hardwood lumber is increasingly favored as an exterior cladding material.

Hardwood timber cladding is available in many varieties and Spotted Gum species, is resistant to termites, has decorative and practical uses, and is resistant to natural seismic movements. To prevent weathering, surface covering with an exterior colored stain or paint is advised. Regular maintenance and recoating when necessary are also essential for long-term function. The cladding can be fastened to steel or wood supports.

  • Cladding With A Lightweight Brick Finish:

A beautiful brick finish cladding can be achieved on newly constructed high-rise structures as well as restorations with the help of a lightweight brick ventilated rain screen facade system. The brick is made of brick tiles that are specially made and mechanically clip into a backing made of galvanized steel or stainless steel. Mortar is then added using a pump.

  • Exterior Cladding Solutions Using Fiber Cement

A high-performing, low-maintenance exterior cladding system that comes in a range of cladding profiles is fiber cement cladding. External cladding is the best option for making home exteriors beautiful and long-lasting, and it is popular among homeowners, designers, and builders nationwide. Exterior cladding is excellent for providing weather resistance and protecting homes from corrosive natural elements. It functions like a protective layer or skin on the outside of a house. 

A variety of home styles are given personality and character by the addition of cladding and weatherboards. There are countless styles and textures available for cladding, which may be painted practically any color to create countless design options.

  • Architectural Aluminum Cladding

Aluminum architectural cladding may be the perfect choice for your exterior cladding when aesthetics, durability, weather resistance, and maintenance are priorities in addition to thermal, acoustic, and fire performance. It has the highest fire rating that has been tested and approved and is an architectural cladding system made of aluminum that is available in a variety of durable wood finishes.

  • Cladding Made Of Hardwood Fiberboard:

For architects and builders who want to create green buildings, there is timber cladding. The cladding has no chemical additives and can be applied both indoors and outside.

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