What to Look for in Your PC Casing

PC Casing

Most people in 2022 are familiar with what to look for in a PC, laptop, or tablet. You will want a machine that can offer good memory, a good deal of RAM, and, in the case of portable options, you will also want one that can carry a good charge, for a minimum of around 5 hours.

If you are looking for a PC, the latter issue isn’t so big, as the machine will always be plugged in. However, what about the qualities needed for a PC to run smoothly? Specifically, what should you look for in the casing? Read on to find out.

Types of PC Casing

Yes, when it comes to PCs and casing, for the former to work, the latter must have some specific design features. While the case of a PC is not a key component of the machine, it is still extremely important to the overall system.

There are 4 kinds of PC casing to choose from-

  • Full tower
  • Mid tower
  • Micro ATX
  • Mini ITX

Generally, the larger the case is, the more it will be able to hold concerning add-ons and other features. Head to lenovo.com to check out the add-ons that they can offer for the tower casings that they have for sale.


One thing you need to look for in your PC casing is clearance or clarity. This will help you to be able to identify if the machine is running correctly. Almost like having a clear window to see into the machine, the clearance of the case can help you spot any issues with the motherboard, disks, or other components.

Graphics Card Slot

In the majority of modern PC tower designs, you will spot a graphics card holder, where you will be able to insert a graphics or SD card. This is important to take into consideration when choosing your PC casing. Most graphics cards are getting smaller, as are the slots. However, you should always ensure that the slot is compatible with the graphics or SD card that you intend to use with your PC.


Taller PC towers will have taller heatsinks. That is, they will have areas that are designed to pull heat away from the main parts of the machine, to keep them cooler and running correctly. Indeed, this is why many gamers prefer the larger towers as part of their gaming PC, as it allows the most space for the coolers to run and keep the tower cool. Your PC spec sheet will be able to show you how tall your computer’s cooler is, which can be beneficial if you are looking to make any upgrades.

Liquid Cooling Radiator

A liquid cooling radiator is part of most PC towers and transfers heat from the processor to a radiator, where the heat is stored safely. When looking to buy a PC, check the size of the liquid cooling radiator, or, if you are planning to have one installed, make sure that the tower has adequate room.  

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