What to Look for in a Ferrari Repair Team

What to Look for in a Ferrari Repair Team

There is an old saying; if you think paying a good Ferrari repairman is expensive, try using a bad one.

Okay, so it is not an old saying, but it is certainly true. If you own a luxury car, and it needs to go in for repairs, you may find yourself looking for the best way to cut corners to keep the price down. However, this is a bad idea. Like anything high-end, having it repaired by an inexperienced team will likely reduce the value of the car even more, which is not what you wanted when you put it in for repairs.

So, when looking around for the right repair team for your Ferrari, what should you look for? Read on to find out.


The first thing you need to look for when identifying a competent team to repair your car is the reviews.

The best place to look is online. It is easy to be drawn in by the reviews on a specialists’ website but, take note, usually as part of marketing, these reviews will only be the best. They aren’t going to list their bad reviews on their website. So, when looking for a Ferrari repair, try to look on independent websites for information about the local garages and mechanics near you.


A Ferrari is a classy car and, as such, you will want to ensure that anyone who repairs your car has experience with the model. Aim to call the garage or mechanic and ask them some questions about their experience with this type of car, as well as how many they have repaired in the past. Also, be sure to ask about their level of experience with the type of Ferrari model that you have.

Maintenance of Equipment

Not all repair shops or garages have the equipment that may be needed to provide the repairs that you need. Plus, if they do, you will need to enquire as to when the equipment was last inspected, and how it is maintained. There is no point in having your Ferrari repaired with faulty equipment because, as mentioned before, this can cause more damage and drive the cost of the next round of repairs up. So, be sure to research the types of tools and skills that may be needed for your Ferrari’s repair and ensure that it is available.

Gut Instinct

Be sure to meet with the people who may be repairing your Ferrari. Do they seem competent? Do they answer your questions directly or are they avoidant? Always trust your gut in these scenarios, and don’t let anyone touch your car that you don’t want to.


Ask around for the estimates that the repair will come to. Even though it is tempting, it is rarely wise to go with estimates that are on the lower end, as these often reflect the tools and skills of the people who are fixing your car. Instead, aim for a mid-range estimate. If the estimates are more than you thought they would be, it may be time to weigh up if it would be more effective to buy a new car.

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