What to do After BJMC? 14 Best Career Options after BJMC

Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication is popularly abbreviated as BJMC. It is an umbrella term that covers a spectrum of mass media and related fields. BJMC course is one of the most popular and sought-after undergraduate degree programmes among students looking to kick-start their careers in the modern media industry. It is a three-year undergraduate course structurally divided into six semesters of coursework. The media industry in India and globally is transforming into a digital-first industry. Therefore, media professionals must possess strong digital skills for distributing, producing, and monetising content.

With the rising demand for media professionals, there’s a lot that an individual can do after pursuing a BJMC course. The diversity of this programme in terms of future scope and career options makes it one of the best professional courses to pursue after completing senior secondary school. If you wonder about the career option after earning a BJMC degree, then keep reading this article to learn about the 14 best career options for a BJMC graduate.

BJMC graduates can explore many career options within digital media, broadcast media, print media, and new media.

1. Media Consultant: Media consultants are professionals who commonly assist a business with marketing to attract new customers and boost sales. They also ensure positive press coverage.

2. Anchor: Anchors or news anchors are media professionals who closely work with reporters to gather information and broadcast newscasts. They are typically in charge of reporting events and news on different media platforms.

3. Scriptwriter: The scriptwriter creates blueprints and detailed scripts based on ideas or concepts. These writers have a deep understanding of the storyline and target audience. They develop story elements to transform creative visions into stories ready for production.

4. Photojournalist: Photojournalists are also popularly known as news photographers. These professionals shoot photographs that capture news events. They also edit and display images to tell a story.

5. Public Relations Specialist: Public relations specialists are professionals who create and maintain a positive public image for individuals or groups of the organisations they represent.

6. Radio Jockey: Radio jockeying is one of the most popular career options after completing the BJMC programme. Radio jockeys are hosts and presenters working in on-air broadcasting positions. They engage with the listeners through their content delivery, wit, expression, and humor.

7. Broadcast Producer: The broadcast producer typically oversees the production operations of public radio stations, TV channels, and other media outlets.

8. Feature writer: Feature writers are journalism professionals working for newspapers, online publications, and magazines.

9. Video Editor: Video editors are tasked with taking the raw footage and turning it into the final product with the required editing. They follow an outline of the film and assemble the footage into one cohesive film.

10. Journalist: Journalists investigate, collect and write news in magazines and newspapers and talk about it on radio and television. These professionals are responsible for presenting new to the audience in a well-rounded and objective manner.

11. Content Marketing Manager: Content marketing managers develop, plan, and implement an organisation’s overall content strategy. They also manage to create and produce marketing content for all marketing platforms.

12. Broadcast News Analyst: Broadcast news analysts are known as newscasters or anchors. They host and synchronise news programs, television or radio. Their duties include reading news stories, conducting panel discussions, providing lead-ins for reports, and interviewing guests. 

13. Social Media Manager: Social media managers oversee an organisation’s interaction with the public by implementing content strategies on different social media platforms.

14. Higher Education: BJMC is an undergraduate degree programme that makes students apply for post-graduation courses, such as an MA in mass communication, Master of Business Administration (MBA), and master in advertising and marketing management, to name a few. If you are unsure about what to do after BJMC, you can take some time to explore your interest while enrolling in higher education.

Now that you know a BJMC course can lead to diverse career options take the next step and apply for the programme!

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