What is the job market after completing a social media marketing program in Canada

Social media has become the most popular networking platform in the world where we connect with everyone – be it family or high school friends. Though social media is not simply limited to networking but it is perhaps the most powerful networking tool in the world. 

According to Sprout Social, nearly 3.96 billion people use social media across various platforms, and an average adult spends approximately 95 minutes every day on social media sites. For a business, this is the easiest and most cost-effective way of reaching out to the audiences. 

Social media marketing is growing at a tremendous rate due to the impact that it has, and students can make a brilliant career in this field with a social media marketing program in Canada. 

Demand in the job market  

There is a huge demand in the job market for social media marketing experts as every business needs a robust social media marketing strategy to sustain itself in a competitive market. 

Companies need to have a strong presence on social media as it builds brand awareness, is cost-effective, functions as an effective medium for engaging and interacting with customers, and builds marketplace awareness. This means that customers can directly approach you with your queries and doubts. 

Considering how important social media marketing is for business, it’s not a surprise that new job roles in this sector are emerging. There are various job opportunities that you can explore as a social media marketing expert and here are a few of them. 

Job roles with social media marketing program 

Here are some of the most prominent and popular job roles that you can apply for after completing a social media marketing program. 

Social media specialist

A social media specialist is someone who has an in-depth understanding of this platform and helps in creating targeted posts that invoke the interest of the audience. They have to work with the marketing and graphic team to create such impactful posts that perfectly reflect the tone and message of the brand. For this, they research trending topics as well and work on creating a strategy that works well for the business. 

Social media manager 

A social media manager is an important and well-paying job role that you can gain after a few years of experience. In this job role, you will have a multitude of responsibilities that includes creating and implementing a strong social media marketing strategy, managing the team and also understanding the brand requirements. A social media manager is responsible for making all creative decisions while keeping the brand’s needs in check and helping the business build a stronger customer base. 

Digital marketer 

A digital marketer is among the most in-demand job roles given the boom in the digital sector in the past few years. They are experts in various verticals of digital marketing which includes social media as well. Along with that, they also monitor how well campaigns are performing and which strategies are working. As a digital marketer, you are also required to develop reports and also come up with new proposals to create a brand image, concept and reputation in the market. 

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