What is a Greensome?


If you love golf, you may have heard of the game greensome. In this competitive golf format, teams of two players take turns selecting the ball and playing it until it is holed. The rules are similar to match play, except each player will take a turn teeing off and playing a ball. A greensome match is played at a golf course on a golf course with a course handicap of fifty percent or less.

Players tee off on each hole and alternate

A greensome is a variation of a foursome, in which both players tee off on each hole and alternate shots until the hole is completed. The main difference between a foursome and a greensome is that in a foursome, each player tees off and hits one shot. Then, on each hole, the players choose a different drive, which is then compared to the other player’s drive.

The game is similar to a foursome, with each player hitting the tee shot from his or her respective tee. Each player tees off and picks the best shot. The next hole is a repeat of the previous hole. After each player has made their choice, the other has a chance to win.

Better drive is the spot for the second shot

A greensome begins with each golfer hitting their tee shot. The better drive is the spot for the second shot. This allows each player to hit his or her best drive. Moreover, a Greensome eliminates the need for players to decide which player hits the best drive on an even-numbered hole. In addition, a Greensome is an ideal choice for a casual day at the golf course. It’s fun, competitive, and challenging!

A greensome game is similar to a foursome, with both players teeing off at each hole and alternating shots. Each player chooses the best shot and hits it. The other player’s shot is the worse one, and the two players alternate shots until both players make the hole. This is a great game for a weekend or holiday in the country. It’s a great game for couples or a family.

Couples who want to play golf together

A greensome game is a great option for couples who want to play golf together. The two players will hit their tee shots and compare them to determine which shot is better. The winning team will then use the best drive for the second shot. However, it’s important to remember that the winner of a Greensome should be the best player overall. The goal of the game is to avoid a tie if possible.

The first step in a Greensome game is to hit your drives. A golf course should have more than one teeing area. This is an excellent way to keep the score close, especially if you’re not very good at golf. This format also allows you to play with friends. You can play with friends in groups of up to four people. It’s a great way to bond with other golfers. If you’re interested in playing a round of golf, Greensomes are perfect for it. You’ll have a great time.

Game is played with the tee shots of each player

A Greensome game is similar to a foursome. The better tee shot is the one that matches the other player’s best drive. The other golfer will hit his or her second shot. The winner is the one with the longest drive. If you’re playing with a partner, make sure the other person doesn’t make a mistake.

In a Greensome, each player tees off from the same hole. The two players then alternate tee shots until one of them finishes the hole. When playing a foursome, it is possible to use the same tee shots, but there’s no guarantee that the best ball will win every hole. Fortunately, there are several variations of this format that can help you to find a new game.

Greensomes are similar to foursome games. Players alternate shots on each hole. On even-numbered holes, the better tee shot is the winner. After completing a hole, the players have to hit each other’s tee shot again, so the first one should hit the ball first. The last player, however, should tee off at the same time. The tee shot is not only the best, but it must also be the strongest.

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