What are some good things about Athens

The capital city of Greece is not only beautiful but is also rich in culture and history. While it is famous for its monuments, the place is a unique blend of the past and present. You will find apartments, markets, educational institutes and bustling crowd in this city that is scattered with old ruins.

Living in Athens is a splendid experience for someone who is keen to explore the oldest city in Europe. With an almost mythical quality, this city named after an ancient Goddess Athena offers good quality of life. Be it tourist spots, food, fashion, education and more, Athens will not disappoint. Here are some more interesting facts about this charming city that will surely give you a reason to visit or even consider moving to Athens.

Living in Athens

This ancient city has some amazing modern elements to it which makes it an interesting place to live in. Along with the famous, Acropolis and Parthenon, the city also has excellent educational institutes, business hubs and a rich nightlife. Additionally, the weather of Athens makes t a very desirable place to live in as it has a Mediterranean climate all year round which means mild winters and dry summers.

If you are considering moving to Athens then you must know that the cost of living in the city is low as compared to many other European cities. Be it the cost of accommodation or the price of eatables, the price is very affordable. One of the key reason for the relaxed lifestyle that people of Athens lead is the value of family time that Greeks have. 

Commuting in Athens

While Athens is big city, it is very well connected which means that you will have no problems commuting within the city. The metro system there makes it easier for people to travel to work, college and other places which includes some places outside of the city limit such as Piraeus.

The subways are an excellent way to travel and if you find apartments someplace well connected and centrally located then you can travel without changing lines. According to Spot on Connection, the charge for a single ticket is €1, 40 for a ride of up to 90 minutes. You can also go for monthly passes that are a cost effective option.

Interesting facts about Athens

Athens is among the most interesting cities in the world with an interesting history that is rooted in mythology. The city, named after Athena could have been called Poseidon had it not been the gift of olive tree that was given to the city by the Goddess.

Also, you can say that Athens is the place where democracy first started around 500 B.C. This means that the citizens of the city voted to approve laws.

If you love theatre then Athens is the place for you as this city has a tradition of theatre. Currently, there are as many as 148 theatres in Athens where you can catch a show.

The city has a lot to offer to someone who like antiquity and architecture but along with that it also has a bustling modern side which makes it a very modern place to live in.

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