Weather in Rome, GA – Find Out the Average Temperature and Wind Speed

Looking for the weather rome ga, GA? Read on to find out the average temperature and wind speed. There is a special holiday that takes place here, Thanksgiving Day. The weather is especially nice at this time of year, with low humidity and sunny skies. But, the weather in Rome can be unpredictable. If you plan your trip wisely, you can have a wonderful time! Here are the top reasons to visit the city this year:

Winter in Rome

What is the climate like in Rome, Georgia in the winter? The climate in Rome varies from year to year and is moderately cold. Rainfall in Rome is usually minimal, with the highest percentage of rainfall falling during the summer. There are three distinct seasons in Rome, each of which has its own unique climate. The average annual precipitation in Rome is about 53.8 inches. The weather in Rome is not always predictable, so you should plan your trip accordingly.

Though Rome, Georgia is relatively safe throughout the year, the city is not without risks. Although Rome is a beautiful city, tourists should still be cautious. Common safety tips include not accepting drinks from strangers, keeping valuables out of sight, and having copies of important documents on hand. Learn where to go at night and stay in secure accommodations. Despite the relatively low risk, it is still advisable to exercise caution during the winter.

The average temperature in Rome during the winter is 45 degrees Fahrenheit. In contrast, temperatures in New York City are generally in the low 30s during the month of January. In addition, the winter season in Rome is less crowded. While you might want to wear warmer clothes while visiting, the winter weather in Rome is still pleasant. However, be prepared for some rain and chilly temperatures. You’ll want to bring raingear if you plan to hike in the snow.

Average annual temperature in Rome

The average annual temperature in Rome is 62.4 degrees Fahrenheit. In the city, the warmest months are July and August. The coldest months are January and February. The coldest days in Rome are February and January. Winters are drier than the summers, but temperatures often remain above freezing. The city’s average daily temperature is 21.1 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a high humidity of 78%, which is perfect for tourists.

The average rainfall in Rome, Georgia, is 51.4 inches (1315.6 cm). In September, Rome receives an average of 15.5% of precipitation. The driest months are November and October, and have the least precipitation. The wettest days in Rome are March and August. In October, there are only 6.7 days of significant precipitation. The sun rises at 6:20 in each month and sets at 6:00 at night.

The average annual temperature in Rome, Georgia is 62.5 degrees Fahrenheit. The city experiences moderate variations in elevation. The city is located at an average elevation of 625 feet. There are no significant changes in elevation within 10 miles of Rome, but there are large variations within 50 miles. The topography in Rome is largely covered with trees, with artificial surfaces accounting for 73% of the area. Within two miles, the area is covered by crops and trees.

Average annual wind speed in Rome

The average annual wind speed in Rome, Georgia is typically moderate, with some seasonal variation. The windiest part of the year is from October 20 to May 12, when average hourly winds exceed 4.1 miles per hour. February, the month with the lowest average hourly winds, is also the calmest. During the calmer months, average hourly winds average 3.1 miles per hour. The dominant direction of the wind changes throughout the year.

In addition to the hourly averages, the wind’s direction can be significant in determining comfort levels. Throughout the year, the amount of wind varies widely, with some days being much muggier than others. A sultry afternoon breeze, called “ponentino,” can be felt most easily in the city’s southern and western districts. Nighttime temperatures in Rome are slightly higher than in the country, often reaching thirty-five or more degrees.

For Rome, the hot season lasts 3.8 months. The highest temperature is 79degF in July. The cool season is December 16 to April 29. Average temperatures during the cool season are between 52degF and 59degF. A thin dotted line represents the average perceived temperature. It’s not uncommon to experience temperatures that are below or above these values during these months. However, the weather is not that extreme and tourists will still enjoy walking in the Eternal City.

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