Wakefit Facts

The Wakefit mattress offers maximum support, as well as a pleasant sleep. The unique structure of these mattresses conforms to your body weight, creating a floating feeling during sleep. This will allow you to wake up refreshed and prepared for the day ahead. Here are some Wakefit facts.

Rs 65 crore from Sequoia Capital

Founded in 2016, Wakefit has raised over Rs 65 crore from Sequoia Capital and has received several awards for its products. It has received multiple awards and has won the Coolest Startup Award by Business Today. The company recently won the SABRE Awards for its marketing campaign. The company aims to double its revenue by 2020 and has consistently grown in every financial year since its incorporation. In just three years, Wakefit has serviced over three lakh customers and has garnered over 11,000 customer reviews.

The founder of Wakefit grew up discussing foam formulations and foam testing with his family. This interest in science and technology led him to earn a degree in Chemical Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology. This dream inspired him to create Wakefit, which he founded in 2016. He founded Wakefit with a dream to improve the quality of sleep across the nation. This vision has since driven the growth of the company. Now, the startup is present in two Mumbai locations and generates more than Rs 50 million annually.

Wakefit was awarded the Coolest

In addition to this, the company also received a nomination from the SABRE Awards for its marketing campaign. The company has a target to triple its growth by 2020, as of February. Wakefit has over 35,000 customers and 11,000 reviews. This company makes sleeping easier and cheaper for all. And this isn’t just about foam.

The brand is a direct-to-consumer startup with an e-commerce model that allows the company to ship its products directly from its factory to the customer. The result is a substantial cost-savings and a value increase to the product. The company’s growth has been rapid and significant in comparison to other competitors.

Succeeded despite all its flaws

Wakefit, despite being one of many failed startups, is one that has succeeded despite all its flaws. Its founder Ankit Garg is an IIT graduate and has worked for many successful companies. He had a dream to help the nation sleep better. This is not about just making mattresses. This is about changing the way that we sleep and live. In addition, the company is now making a lot of money. Its revenues have doubled from the previous month.

The company offers mattresses as well as furniture and bedding online. Its goal is to improve sleep quality and promote a healthier lifestyle. The Wakefit logo is a representation of the company’s mission statement: the more you know about a product, the better it works. The more information you have about the company’s mission, the better you will get out of it. The tagline of the organization is “The more sleep you get”.

Company has a unique delivery model

The Wakefit team focuses on the needs of their customers. The company has a unique delivery model that allows it to customize its products to meet the needs of its customers. This allows them to offer better sleeping experiences. This is what the company has done for customers. Because the company is fulfilling its mission, they have not been afraid of losing sleep over money burn. The only downside is that the product isn’t as popular as it could be.

The company, which is a direct to consumer startup, does not have a large market share. It only sells two pillows and one mattress. It also sells mattress protector and bed frames. The new product line is expected to contribute ten percent of the company’s total revenue in the future. The company has a solid team and an excellent product. It is poised to grow by 3x over the next few decades.

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