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You look at the thermostat temperature. It is 16 c, but the room doesn’t feel that cold. You are pretty sure that the air conditioning unit is not working the same way as last year, and you fear the visit to Ga for air conditioning repair is imminent. Why? Let us have a look at a few warning signs.

Warning signs that show a visit to GA for air conditioning repair is imminent:

Suppose your air conditioning unit is not working correctly, and you are not delaying the process of calling technicians from air conditioning installation services. In that case, it is super intelligent of you. Repairing and replacing damaging parts proactively results in the prevention of more significant problems and extensive repairs. It also saves you from the inconvenience of AC breaking down suddenly and on the hottest day.

One of the most crucial components of the air conditioning unit is the ‘fan.’ Fan not working correctly can cause a lot of problems. There are also two types of fans installed in your HVAC unit. First, let’s have a look at the kinds of fans to give a better understanding of the problems they can cause.

Types of Fans

Almost all air-conditioning units have two types of fans

  • Blower units 
  • Condenser units

Blower units

Have you ever wondered how the heat removes and cool air is supplied inside the house? This is all thanks to the blower Fans. They are installed in the indoor unit of your air-conditioning system. The primary function of the blower fan is to move the cool/ compressed air through the ducts and supply it to the indoor unit. The malfunction of the blower fan can be one of the reasons your air- conditioning unit does not provide cool air.

Condenser units

Your Air-conditioning unit has overheated and is not working correctly, but what can be the reason? The condenser fan is not working correctly, causing the entire system to overheat. The primary function of the condenser fan is to provide cooling to the refrigerant and expel hot air outside. Condenser fans are primarily installed in the outside unit of the air- conditioning system.

Now let us look at a few reasons that make us contact a technician for air-conditioning repair in Blairsville, Ga.

Is the airflow from the ducts poor?

You are standing in front of the air-conditioning unit and feeling the weak streaks of air coming out, which shows that the blower fan is not working correctly. There can be multiple reasons, like the motor that drives the blower fan has burned down. Another reason can be the dust and grime accumulated on the fan blades causing it not to work efficiently and slow down. It is best to open your indoor unit and inspect the working of the blower fan. If you feel suspicious of fan movements, it is best to call expert repair technicians for air-conditioner repair from Blairsville, GA. Additionally, clogged filters and duct leakage are principal reasons contributing to weak airflow. A regular inspection from the technician will help you timely eliminate all issues related to poor indoor airflow.

Is the room not cold enough?

When you enter the room from outside and feel it is not cold enough, be ready to check your air-conditioning unit because there is a possibility of a problem lurking around. Mostly it is due to the air-conditioning unit working overtime and causing issues related to low refrigerant, condenser fan not working correctly, or duct leakage. Make sure to call the technician and get it checked.

Is your air-conditioning unit making weird sounds?

Squeaking, screeching, and hissing sounds are coming from your air-conditioning unit but have you checked where they are coming from. Is it the inside unit? Or the outside unit of the air-conditioning system?

Inside unit:

Clanking sounds mainly indicate that a part of a screw has come off loose and needs fixing, whereas buzzing sounds take the mind towards the fan. Even though the motor works correctly, the fan gets stuck, causing intense buzzing sounds.

Outdoor unit:

This rough and tough unit makes few sounds exposed to all kinds of harsh weather, mainly due to dirt and debris stuck inside its machinery. Regular maintenance can help eliminate all such issues even before their existence.

How do you prevent these problems?

The simple truth is that all these minor issues can be prevented if routine maintenance is done regularly. The technician will fasten all the loose screws, clean all the dirt and debris, check the refrigerant and see if all parts are working correctly or not. Are you looking for a technician for air conditioner repair in Blairsville, GA? Worry not. Wayne’s heating and air-conditioning repair company has been serving its people in GA and around for a long while and can provide reliable services within your required budget. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is my blower fan not working?

Ans: Open the indoor air-conditioning unit and see if the fan is working. If the fan is swirling around, the blower is not the culprit. But if the fan is not twirling around, look for damaged circuits/ wires or thermostat problems. It is best to call the technician and get it checked.

Q: How much does it cost to replace the blower motor?

Ans: If not under warranty, a blower motor replacement can be costly, ranging between $300 to $900. Otherwise, it is mostly between $200 to $400.

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