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Celebrity world this week

There were also some big announcements in the celebrity world this week. Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers called off their engagement, but are still on good terms. Adriana Lima has confirmed she is expecting her first child with boyfriend Andre Lemmers, and her ex-husband Marko Jaric is excited to be the father of her baby. Britney Spears has signed a book deal with Simon & Schuster, and Dave Chappelle has signed on to host four more Netflix specials.

Jonathan Owens proposed to his girlfriend, Simone Biles. The NFL star surprised his model girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. Her surprise engagement was like something out of a fairy tale, and she said yes! Though she has endured a lot, she’s looking forward to spending the rest of her life with her new husband. In addition to Jonathan Owens, Britney Spears signed a multimillion dollar book deal with Simon & Schuster, and Dave Chappelle has signed on for four more Netflix specials.

Shailene Woodley has ended

The engagement of Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley has ended, but the couple is still on good terms. In other news, Adriana Lima is expecting her first child with boyfriend Andre Lemmers. She has two daughters, Valentina, 12, and Sienna, with her ex-husband Marko Jaric. Finally, Caitlin McHugh is pregnant with her first child. If you’re a fan of comedy, you can sign up for a free trial subscription.

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Her ring was like a fairy-tale moment, and she’s already looking forward to their future together.

The NFL star’s relationship with Caitlin McHugh is a hot topic of conversation. He’s reportedly in love with her and is a fan of the actor’s TV show.

Shailene Woodley was ended in December

The NFL star’s relationship with Shailene Woodley was ended in December, but the two are still on good terms. Despite their recent breakup, the couple are still on good terms and are looking forward to the future. At the same time, John Stamos and Caitlin McHugh are engaged. The couple is currently in love. A happy ending to the relationship! In the world of pop culture, two emo stars are engaged to each other!

The NFL star and Shailene Woodley called off their engagement. They remain on good terms, though. The football star was also happy to learn that his girlfriend had an affair. The two also share a love for their daughters, and they’re looking forward to a future together. During this time, both John Stamos and Caitlin McHugh’s relationship was in the spotlight. The couple is inseparable, with their relationship ending after one year.

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