Understand The Distinction Between A General Contractor And A Handyman!

Imagine a scenario where something needs to be fixed in the house, anything from general maintenance to a structural thing. Does one reach out to a general contractor or a cheap handyman in Perth? This could be a tough decision to make.

Various circumstances would require either a handyman or a general contractor. When it comes to home repairs, one would not want to compromise on quality. Hiring the relevant professional can ensure one does not experience the same problems again.  

What Is A Handyman? 

As the name says, a handyman is a person that has general construction skills. The skills of a handyman differ widely; some workers are skilled at work while others are not. The difference in skills could be due to a shortage of license requirements, and some handymen do not require a license to work.

A handyman provides clients with solutions to the following problems. Some of the most common jobs of a handyman are-

    • Cleaning gutter 

    • Clearing snow and leaves 

    • Lawn work 

    • Painting 

    • Fixing leaky faucets or taps 

    • Drywall repairs 

    • Appliance repairs 

    • Minor repairs 

Since handymen are not always licensed, they cannot legally take on a significant project. There are state laws that determine what projects a handyman can take.

Another important thing is the lack of insurance for a handyman. Construction insurance covers the building or property of a client, works (in case of injury), and tools if there is theft or damage. 

Without insurance, a handyman does not own responsibility for clients or their workers’ property, which could end in both the client and the handyman bearing the cost. It is important to find a company that provides licensed and insured workers.   

What Is A General Contractor, And What Are Their Differences With A Handyman? 

A person that is either registered or licensed by an independent government body is called a licensed contractor. Such a person will need to maintain their certifications by meeting some requirements. This indicates that they have passed the needed exam and are qualified to do their job.

    • A licensed contractor is tested for their competency before they are allowed to work. This is the only way they can receive liability insurance. There are standards that they need to meet that are within the agreed stipulations. 

    • A handyman does not need to keep up with any regulations, and they do not have to abide by any laws. All these does not necessarily mean that a handyman is less skilled. A job that will need a license will automatically ban a handyman. 

Many people claim to be local handymen in Perth. But most of the handymen are highly competent and possess the required skills. But a lot of work cannot be done without having a license. 

The Main Difference Between A Contractor And A Handyman 

Hiring a handyman or a contractor are good ways to finish up projects that one wanted for a long time but couldn’t get started. The differences between professions may arise depending on the project one needs to complete.

    • A contractor can help a person from the very start of the project. They organize all the required permits to not fall in trouble with paperwork. They also make sure to do all the construction specifics laid out by an architect or engineer. Contractors provide most of the solutions to any specific projects.

    • Handymen are best suited for small projects that can be easily described in detail. A handyman is not a contractor and does not know many things regarding construction. Many handymen know little or nothing about building permits or blueprints; this indicates one needs to find a better person for large projects. 

    • If a person is interested in taking on smaller projects, they can rest assured that handymen are licensed and insured. It is important to find a handyman that one can trust, some services have years of experience, and the handymen there can be trusted. A handyman can perform works like fixing minor electrical issues and carpentry works.

Advantages And Disadvantages   

Depending on resources, one may not have a choice to choose between a handyman and a general contractor. General contractors often have experience in construction works or specialized training. There are states where a contractor needs to pass an exam or undergo enhanced background checks.

The big projects also need more resources in the long run, including equipment and contractor insurance coverage. On the other hand, a handyman can do a short course or start working on a project right away. Although insurance for a handyman is also important, they need a simpler policy that only covers a few things.

Because the stakes are lower, some customers require fewer references and credentials for a handyman than a contractor. This indicates that handyman jobs are easier to get, even less lucrative than contractor jobs.

Whom To Hire? 

If a project is small or small fixtures are needed in a home, then a handyman should be hired. Handymen do not require a contract, so they can always be hired to perform tasks that can be finished in less time. They are easy to find, and people usually prefer them more as no contracts need to be signed, and obligations need to be fulfilled. 

But if the project is large or a complete house renovation is required, then a contractor has to be hired. A contractor possesses great knowledge regarding construction, tools and building permits. As a result, they are a great choice for completing a large project that needs specialized tasks. 

Final Words 

Both handymen and general contractors are useful in a lot of ways. One may hire a handyman if the work is small and requires no contract. There are various Handyman Perth Services that can help a client in carpentry, painting and fixing tubes. A person could type ‘handyman services near me and select a suitable handyman for their projects.

A general contractor could be hired if a large project requires permission; a contractor could help renovate a home and fix problems with the aid of specialized tools. Various general contractors can be found for hire in Perth. You have to do the research and choose the most experienced professional. 

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