Trump Rally Today in Tulsa, Oklahoma

A Republican presidential candidate holds a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, today. He’s joined by Kari Lake and Republican Congressman Jeff Duncan. Meanwhile, Pence is blamed for high gas prices, inflation, and more. But it’s not just his rhetoric that is fueling a storm of controversy today. Inaction on foreign policy is also being blamed for inflation and high gas prices. In fact, Pence blames his own inaction on foreign policy for the same.

Republican presidential candidate holds rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma

In the wake of the recent protests in Tulsa, protesters chanted, threw t-shirts, and shouted at Trump supporters during the rally. While many protesters were local Tulsans, there were also many from neighboring states, including deep-red Oklahoma. While the crowd was predominantly white, many attendees were in their 40s or 50s. Some people brought children, but no one expressed any serious concerns about the risk of the virus, which is spread through crowd contact.

The Tulsa announcement came amidst nationwide protests over racism and white supremacy. The protests took place on Juneteenth, a commemoration of the end of slavery in the United States. And the city itself has a troubling history of racial violence, dating back to the 1921 race massacre in Tulsa, which killed dozens of black residents and destroyed black businesses and residences.

Despite the ruckus over the protests, Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum lifted a curfew for the area surrounding the BOK Center in Tulsa today, just before Trump rallies there today. While the rally is scheduled for 8 p.m. EST, the U.S. Secret Service had requested a curfew near the arena. Bynum’s decision prompted the city to temporarily remove campers, according to Tulsa police capt.

The Trump campaign is trying to use the event in Tulsa as a showcase of his resiliency in the face of the recent crisis. However, the campaign is not letting that happen. While Tulsa may have a low infection rate, it has faced numerous protests, including the Black Lives Matter movement. The Trump campaign has faced criticism for the event, claiming that his announcements during the rally have led to widespread illness.

He’s joined by Kari Lake

Former Arizona governor candidate Kari Lake has joined President Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Florence, Arizona. Known for her right-wing views, Lake advocates jailing political opponents and spying on teachers. She has previously endorsed laws to imprison Dr. Anthony Fauci and election officials. She also has virtually no plan to help Arizona families. The crowd is cheering for Lake at Trump’s rally today, but is it the right choice?

Former President Donald Trump is back in Arizona, campaigning for Republican candidates in Arizona. Kari Lake is running for governor, while Blake Masters is vying for the U.S. Senate. Abe Hamadeh is running for attorney general. And Mark Finchem is running for secretary of state.

In addition to Lake, Trump is expected to boost Blake Masters, a former chief of staff to tech billionaire Peter Thiel. Masters is in a competitive primary, facing state Attorney General Mark Brnovich and solar company executive Jim Lamon. If Blake Masters wins the primary, he will face Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly in November. The candidates will meet in Arizona on Tuesday. Trump will address his supporters and criticize opponents on the campaign trail.

While the Republican ticket has largely been positive, the MAGA base has begun to plant the seeds of doubt about Lake and her opponents. The Gateway Pundit, a conspiratorial far-right website, reported that Lake and Masters were leading their opponents in polls. However, reputable polls show that Lake leads Robson by about five points, a small margin compared to the double-digit lead Robson held in the fall.

Republican congressman speaks at rally

A former president has endorsed a Republican congressman for Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District. The former Republican congressman said a GOP retake of Congress is needed to fight the Marxist playbook of the ‘woke left.’ He said the GOP needs to return to its successful policies and reject the divisive agenda of the ‘woke left.’ Foxx also blasted the Democratic Party for backing the “carpetbagger” candidate Ted Budd.

But Cawthorn says he’s confident that the president and congress aren’t complicit in the attack on his constituents. His remarks come in the context of a Republican congressional candidate’s appearance at a Trump rally today. He’s also confident he will win the race despite the controversy.

On the other hand, some Republicans are praising the RINO, and Trump’s rally in Illinois is the latest proof. Rep. Miller, a deep-conservative, is defending his record on bipartisan issues like defunding the police and student loans. But the RINO label has become a smear against Republicans. The remark, which prompted a backlash by some in the Democratic Party, did little to improve Davis’ chances.

Despite the controversy surrounding the rally, the former president defended his presidency, claiming that he would win the 2020 election by more than he did in 2016. However, the results were similar: he won the 232 electoral votes, and the Democratic Party received 306. The latter won the popular vote by a narrower margin. Those numbers show that Trump’s supporters are eager to show their support for him.

Pence’s inaction on foreign policy blamed for inflation, high gas prices

While the issue of foreign policy is not high on the voter’s priority list, the Ukrainian crisis presents an unusual political blend. The Ukraine crisis has implications both domestically and internationally, including a potential spike in oil prices. The average price of gas hit $3.53 Tuesday, almost $1 higher than it was one year ago. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will only exacerbate the energy cost crisis.

The 25th Amendment was approved by Congress on July 6, 1965, and ratified by the states by February 10, 1967. President Obama made America the world’s first energy superpower, but in his final days, he ended U.S. energy exports to Europe. Even though the United States was a net exporter of petroleum in 2021, that may change in 2022, when he leaves office. Meanwhile, the Obama administration said the U.S. should stop buying Russian energy, yet we still buy it.

In the same breath, Trump rallied in Indiana today, accusing Pence of inaction on foreign policy for high gas prices. Then again, the Republican Party wants a Liberal World Order, and the Pence Administration is not interested in solutions. This is why Pence has been the president-elect’s vice president since 2011.

The President-elect is now calling Pence a coward after a Capitol Hill riot in late January. The Vice President defended himself in a speech, saying “Pence is an evil coward for not making a national healing video.”

Supporters protest at state capitols across country

Pro-Trump demonstrators have been gathering outside state capitals all across the US this week. Some of the protests have been peaceful, while others have turned violent. The state capitols were evacuated, but the Trump supporters were not intimidated and continued to rally. At one rally in New York, a group of about 200 Trump supporters showed up, hoping to make a point. Pro-Trump demonstrators also chanted “Make America Great Again!” and waved flags.

Several state lawmakers have attended the protests and avoided being involved in any violent confrontations. A state senator in Michigan did not join the mob in the Capitol, but a state representative from Washington, D.C., did. And in Missouri, state rep Justin Hill skipped his swearing-in to protest, stating it was a “sad day” following the violence. Recent studies show that Americans have become more accepting of political violence when perpetrated by their own side.

Protesters in state capitols across the country were angry at the chaos in Washington, D.C. The Sacramento Police Department tweeted that physical altercations occurred, but it noted that the groups remained separated. Police also reported the presence of the far-right “Proud Boys” group. These incidents have sparked public debate on the future of our nation’s political system.

The rallies in New Mexico were attended by hundreds of Trump supporters, who chanted about the presidential election results. Some speakers compared President Barack Obama and Joe Biden to the “illegitimate” president. Other attendees had body armor and guns. While many protests were peaceful, a largely hostile atmosphere is the reason why they continued. If President Donald Trump wins the election, the country will be a far different place than it is today.

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