Top 5 Types of Cannabis Concentrates For Beginners

Concentrates are currently available to purchase, and their popularity is growing tremendously. However, many users question the various shapes, forms, and sizes that cannabis concentrates take. Thankfully, this article briefly explains the types of THC concentrates California-based; Shatter, CO2, Crumble, Rosin, and Distillate.

1. Shatter

Shatter is a relatively stable and glass-like concentrate that mainly “shatters” into pieces.  Most shatter is clear, smooth, and solid, while others might be slightly sticky.   Shatter is ideal for people with chronic pain and helps with stress, depression, and mood swings.  

2. Wax

Wax is a concentrate with a gooey, candle wax-like texture that’s normally yellowish-brown in color. It’s a potent cannabis dab that is malleable, thick, and with a high THC level. Wax help relieves several health problems like depression, anxiety, and pain. Plus, it has an appealing smell and flavor and is easier to handle.

3. Live Resin

The live resin production starts by freezing cannabis rather than drying it before extraction. This process allows the gentle extraction of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other useful compounds. Live resin is better consumed via vaping. Use a Concentrate Vaporizer and get impressed at the flavor of each hint.

4. Rosin

People prefer rosin because it’s pure and doesn’t contain any solvent. It retains more flavonoids and terpenes. It’s the best choice if you’re looking for purity and flavor. But don’t confuse it with Live Resin!

5. Distillate

Like Rosin, distillate is pure and doesn’t contain any solvent. If you thought of Rosin hitting 90% purity, buckle up!  Most THC concentrations for distillate clock up to 99% purity. Some distillates might appear as crystal or white powder, while others as a clear wax. It has impressive medicinal and recreational potential.

Stock Up the THC Concentrates

Hopefully, one of the mentioned above THC concentrates strikes your fancy.  Why not try it out today? Stop by your favorite dispensary and check out for a premium selection of dabs.

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