Top 10 Apps for Improved Work Productivity

There are lots of ways in which applications have made life easier. The most obvious answer is instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, which allow us to communicate with one another in-real time, which makes planning and coordinating things with people so much easier. One company we spoke to, who provide IT support services London businesses have been using for years, mentioned that they use certain apps in their business to make everyone more productive.

If you work in a business, and are looking for ways to boost your productivity with technology, take a look at these products below. Some of them might change your life when it comes to work efficiency and productivity.

  1. Slack

Communication is one of the things that apps are great at improving, as we mentioned earlier. It is also the key to businesses operating more successfully. However big a company is, communication needs to be efficient.

Slack is an enterprise communications platform. It is very easy to use and supports a range of communication and collaboration features. In Slack, you can create multiple channels which enables teams and people working in projects to organise conversations based on topics. Slack also supports video calling and file sharing. You can also upload files and other resources to Slack, so that you and whoever you’re communicating with has all the resources you need to get work done.

  • Expensify

Expense reporting is a big part of business. If that is part of your responsibility at work, then you might be pleased to know about Expensify.

The app has the ability to scan receipts and record the information. It’s very easy to consolidate that information into an expense report and then send it off for approval. As well as this, Expensity makes approving reports, reimbursing users, and synchronising accounts incredibly easy. It’s automation capabilities will make the task of expense reporting in a business a breeze.

  • Cisco WebEx

Cisco WebEx nowadays (due to Covid-19) web and video conferencing is a much larger aspect of business than it ever used to be. As that is the case, it’s important to be using a reliable video conferencing service, which is precisely what Cisco WebEx is.

This web-based conferencing service works across all web browsers and all device platforms. It provides, high-quality, automatic voice and video, as well as other tools like digital whiteboards, and a personal meeting-room URL that makes the practice of videoconferencing very straightforward.

  1. OneDrive

Storage for work is a persistent challenge nowadays. With people doing most things digitally nowadays, they need to have lots of digital storage. But storing everything on a local PC drive will slow down performance on the device.

Instead, it is best to use cloud storage. OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud-based file storage service that works across all browsers and all devices. While it does work best alongside the premium Microsoft 365 product, it can be used for free – all you need to do is create a Microsoft account, and you will get 5GB of storage for free. The premium OneDrive for Business app gives users 1TB of cloud storage, and the service integrates with Microsoft Outlook email, and the Microsoft Office applications.

  • Microsoft Teams

Collaboration is a large part of work, and so any product that can make that easier will definitely be welcome Microsoft Teams is precisely that. It combined instant messaging, videoconferencing, and telephony into one platform. As well as this, it integrates with OneDrive, Outlook Calendar, and all the other Microsoft 365 products, allowing you to managing your work and schedule, and communicate with colleagues all from a single platform. Many IT support companies London businesses choose to work with favour Microsoft Teams, because it’s a great way to streamline communications both internally and externally.

Microsoft Teams comes standard with Microsoft 365, but there is also a new product, Microsoft Teams Essentials, that gives businesses access just to Microsoft Teams for collaboration.

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