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Can’t cyclists deserve to feel protected on the road? Introducing our unique all-in-one system for cyclists. Keep your mind at ease while riding your bike. TooCycling has come up with the World’s best DashCam light on the market.

Are you someone who commutes a lot? Definitely you should start thinking of getting a dashcam for your bike. The means to defend yourself against discourtesy of other road users or in case of a traffic accident while on a cycle.

Possibly the most dangerous situations for cyclists on public roads are accidents, endangering others, theft, incursion, and even hit and run. These are just some of the aforementioned problems that cyclists face while taking leisurely walks or making daily trips to work.

An image and sound proof of your security can provide a measure of protection in the event of an invasion.

Should you cycle with a camera?

A camera can calm your anxiety about riding on the road and make you feel safer. But the question here: Is It Necessary to Have Front and Back Cameras on Your Bikes?

The ideal setup would be to have both a front-facing and a rear-facing camera so that any accidents will be recorded regardless of their location. In addition to capturing more footage, a dual camera system will increase the probability of pin down a felon.

Invest in a bike camera

Don’t install an action cam or smartphone mount on your bike, but purchase a dedicated camera. There’s no way you can predict when and where something might happen, so you’ll want the camera to record the whole ride. Taking short videos with an action camera or smartphone does the trick but is unable to record a full ride due to limited battery life and memory space.

Is it front- or rear-facing?

The rear-facing camera, which captures drivers from behind, is often the only choice for people who want to capture footage. However, front-end collisions do occur, especially when a driver crosses the center line or turns right into a bike lane.

Quantify the value of your life and go for both front- and rear-facing option. If the driver who struck you had insufficient insurance or if you couldn’t prove liability in the crash, surviving the collision is financially burdensome.

Features that must be included:

Wide-angle lenses capture a wider field of view, which is more useful in a legal setting. Others features;

  • Recordings contain an indelible time and date stamp
  • The ability to record audio is also an added bonus, especially for exchanging files after a crash
  • Low-light recording ability (such as at dusk, dawn or when in the bogey)

Although these are the most basic features that dashcam should have, we feel proud in introducing our TOOO CYCLING ™ DVR80 BICYCLE LAMP CAMERA, so that you can monitor the whereabouts with this quiet witness.

You may have a perfect driving record but not everyone on the road is a skilled driver. Dashcam will provide you an unbiased record of what happened, in case of an accident.

The footage from dash cams is being welcomed by insurance companies and law enforcement because it paints a clear picture of what befell.

Dash cams can be one of the best investments you can make for your vehicle and yourself.


TOOO Cycling™ dashcam light provides the best combination of toughness, affordability, and quality. Ebikes are experiencing a boost in the market, and their high value means that law enforcement and insurers require evidence to find the vehicles at fault.

The purpose of our signage is to ensure you are noticed over a mile away. In the event of a bicycle commuter being involved in a road accident, we record HD video & audio files, even in shady conditions, to provide evidence as it occurs too frequently to those on bicycles.

The attributes of our Dashcam Light are as follows;

Battery Life

Its battery has a longer life than most cameras you may have used, long enough for the kinds of rides people do regularly. You won’t have to worry about the battery of your lighting or camera draining all day because the battery of the bike has an average autonomy of 7 to 9.5 hours.

Record the environment behind you

A TOOO CYCLING ™ DVR80 bicycle camera records the environment behind you as you ride, making it the perfect safety camera for cyclists.

Loop Recording

Recording resolution of 1920 x 1080P at 30 FPS and a Video Loop Mode can capture more than 12 hours of footage.

Red LED Light

DVR80’s red LED light makes you visible over One-Mile (1.6Km) away, even in daytime, contributing to safer riding conditions even in dimness.

Wide Angle Lens

With the high-quality 105 degree wide angle lens, you’ll get a clear view of everything occurring behind you as you ride, even in low light conditions, at night. Details like types of vehicles, license plates, faces, etc) are visible from a distance.

SD Card For Camera

Your videos can be downloaded and shared to social networks with an SD card adapter (included). Including a 64GB Mini SD card authorizing you to record 12,5 hours of footage.

80 Lumens LED Light

With 80 Lumens high brightness LED light you’ll be visible even in the gloomy aisle.

Universal Bracket

Mount the camera with the help of universal bracket on any seatpost diameter.


We provide a 2-years warranty on our products. Also you can avail after-sales service in France. Still not satisfied? You can return the product within 30 days.

Heat Resistant

Dashcam tolerates temperature from -20 ° C to + 50 ° C.

Night Sensor

TOOO CYCLING integrates SONY Sensor® IMX 323 that makes them work surprisingly in a faintly lit environment.

Water Resistant

Use TOOO Cycling™ DVR80 Lamp Camera in all weather. It is water and dust resistant. No more hustle.

Bicycle Dashcam light is super amazing product packed with dozens of stupefying features. TOOO CYCLING success doesn’t stop here, we have other bicycle accessories available on our store;

  • Strong Ties for DVR80 Mounting
  • Aero Seat Post Mounting Adaptor
  • Mounting Bracket for DVR80
  • USB Type C Charging Cable for TOOO Cycling™ DVR80 30cm

Can’t catch number plates? Leave that on us as TOOO Cycling™ DVR80 Lamp Camera captures plate numbers with enough detail. Quick release mounting structure makes it convenient to use.

Road safety lights maximize visibility in the dark. Smart security camera locks video and audio files as soon as it detects a crash. Along with the mounting kit you get an additional spare mounting kit for free. Isn’t it amazing?

Devised for cyclists, the TOOO Cycling™ DVR80 Lamp Camera will prove its worth to you. It has turned into a staple for cycle tourers. Recognizing the ever-growing demand we introduced Dashcam lights on the market.

Startling image stabilization trait that makes stable footage even on shaky surfaces. Lens movers forestall any shakes without sacrificing the image quality. Lightweight and small in size – that’s what we look for in cycling cameras.

Sturdy construction especially built for sports will record your ride. Using traditional cameras won’t help as they are not designed for action situations.

Now you have a clear idea of Dashcam lights and their must-have properties.

 We are wishing you safe rides!       




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