The Women of SUR Are Still Waitresses

In Bravo’s reality series SUR, the women of the show are no longer just waitresses, but also full-fledged businesspeople. According to a recent profile in Vogue, the cast moonlights as waitresses.

Stassi Cartwright

While the original cast has moved on, their lives haven’t. Stassi Cartwright and her daughter Ariana now have their own book, the Toms own a successful bar, and the newest members of the cast, Kristen and James Kennedy, have a T-shirt line and a moderately successful restaurant. Despite the ups and downs of the cast, it seems as if Jax, who had been a recurring character on the show, is still living the dream.

Although the show’s original cast members have since moved on, Jax and his crew have remained. The only original member of the cast who is still working at SUR is Jax Taylor, who plays the character Jason Cauchi. He works at SUR to make goat cheese balls and drinks. The only original cast member to stay on is Scheanna Shay, who is now planning a wedding.

Cast members began to grow

After SUR’s first season, the cast members began to grow out of their apartments and moved into more spacious homes. In addition to the apartment, the cast members bought houses and renovated them. The two new cast members now share a house in Bel-Air.

Despite the popularity of SUR, it’s been difficult to find a replacement cast. In this way, SUR is a place for men who are not afraid of a woman. But he’s still working for SUR as a T-shirt designer.

Characters of the show’s cast

Despite SUR’s eponymous restaurant, the characters of the show’s cast have also moved on with their lives. The former cast member, Stassi, now lives in a house on Sunset Boulevard with her husband. After a period of time, they have all gotten married. The two couples now have a daughter, and both have a mate. The show’s original cast is no longer together.

Several of the original cast members are still working at SUR. The only original cast member who remains at SUR is Jax Taylor, aka Jason Cauchi. He’s working at SUR’s bar, delivering goat cheese balls, and making drinks, but his heart is in the restaurant with his wife. Besides, it’s also an atypical business for the SUR girls. There’s a lot of competition for that spot.

The original cast members are now outgrown SUR. While Stassi has become an author, the Toms own a bar, and Kristen has a moderately successful T-shirt line. The only original cast member who is still working at SUR is Jax Taylor. Like the other exes who have left the show, Jax has no other option but to work at SUR to support his family. In the meantime, he’s trying to save up for his wedding, and he’s trying to find a new place to call home.

T-shirt company, James Mae

Before leaving SUR, Doute launched her own T-shirt company, James Mae. But due to her lack of experience and a plethora of problems, she stumbled at running the company. After being fired by SUR, Doute had to seek help from the authorities and put the brand on hold. Thankfully, she managed to partner with Magen Mattox, creator of Girl Dangerous casual wear. The new venture was launched in June.

After the cast left SUR, Doute’s company, James Mae, is still in operation. After the firing of SUR’s co-founders, she tried to run the business alone. But she was unable to make the venture work because of the lack of support from SUR’s investors. In the end, she decided to partner with her former co-worker, Magen Mattox, the creator of Girl Dangerous casual wear. The new brand relaunched in June with Doute and Magen.

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