The Murder of Two Children by Brandi Worley

In this article we will talk about the gruesome murder of two children by Brandi Worley. Worley was convicted of two counts of murder and sentenced to 120 years in prison. The reasons for the murders were complicated, but one thing is for sure – it was not her choice. Brandi hid a knife in Tyler’s room and stabbed him with it. The article will discuss the motive behind this horrific crime.

Brandi Worley pleaded guilty to two counts of murder

Recently, brandi Worley, a mother of two, pleaded guilty to two counts of murder. She killed her two children with a combat knife and told police she stabbed them to keep her husband from taking them. Police say she stabbed the children four times with the knife and tried to kill herself, but she failed to express remorse for her actions.

On March 5, 2015, Brandi Worley appeared in court with her attorney, Mark Inman. The judge accepted the plea agreement and entered a conviction judgment for her. She will not have a chance to appeal the case.

Nov. 17, 2016. The children had been asleep upstairs when the attack occurred. Worley’s husband, Jason, was asleep downstairs and unable to help. If convicted, she’ll spend the rest of her life in prison.

During her sentencing hearing, Worley did not give a statement to the court. The judge said that Worley stabbed the children to prevent their father from taking them away. In addition to killing her two children, Worley also admitted to stabbing herself as she was preparing to go to jail. The two deaths have shocked the community and Worley’s family. She will face the consequences of her crime.

She was sentenced to 120 years in prison

Jason Worley and Brandi Worley had a troubled relationship, but that didn’t stop them from killing their two children. Before the murders, Worley brought up a divorce issue. He even proposed to take the children away. Worley told police that she didn’t know what would happen if he took the children. He is currently serving 120 years in prison in Indiana.

She received 55 years for the first count, and 65 years for the second. The sentences are to be served consecutively, starting today.

She told the judge that she was not willing to live with Jason, but wanted to protect her children. However, she didn’t have time to explain her actions. Her husband had filed for divorce just days before the murders, so she stabbed the children repeatedly in the neck. After killing her children, Worley tried to commit suicide with the same knife.

According to court documents, Brandi Worley had purchased a combat knife from Walmart. She told police that she wanted to kill the children because she didn’t want Jason to take them. She stabbed herself four times in the neck, but fortunately, it wasn’t fatal. Jason Worley, meanwhile, refused to sleep on the couch and chose the basement. He did not want his children to see her in pain, but it was clear that the children were not safe in her home.

She stabbed her son

Indiana woman Brandi Worley is accused of murdering her two children on November 17, 2016. Her motive remains a mystery, but there are a few clues as to why she committed the horrific crime. The mother-of-two stabbed her son and then her daughter in the back before turning the knife on herself.

Before the murders, Jason Worley filed for a divorce. He tried to patch up the relationship, but was determined to end the marriage for the sake of their children. The day before, Jason Worley filed for divorce. He was suspicious of Worley, and accused her of cheating on him. When the divorce was final, Worley went to Walmart to buy a combat knife. She then stabbed her son repeatedly.

In the aftermath of the murders, the family set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for the kids’ funerals. The page reached over $50,000 in donations. Jason Worley was sleeping in the basement when the killings took place.

Jason Worley had been a loving father to Tyler and Charlee. He remarried a woman who was pregnant and had a son named Tyler. She killed them and herself before calling 911. Jason Worley was in the basement asleep at the time, so she was unable to prevent the crime.

She hid a knife in Tyler’s room

According to police, Brandi Worley hid a knife and a box of Benadryl in Tyler’s room. When Tyler woke up, Brandi lured him into the bedroom. After stabbing him several times, she then stabbed herself repeatedly. Charlee, who was sleeping in the bedroom, woke up to hear the noise and rushed to help her daughter. When the 911 operator arrived, Brandi calmly called 911, telling the dispatcher that she had stabbed her daughter and son.

She had gone to Walmart to purchase the knife and pipe cleaners, which she needed to complete a school project. But, the next day, she hid the knife in Tyler’s room. Her children woke up when they heard the loud noise and Worley quickly stabbed Tyler. Charlee then woke up, and Worley told them to go to bed.

Jason and Brandi Worley filed for divorce just hours before the murders, so they could avoid the children. Sadly, however, the murders took place at a time when Brandi Worley was already angry with Jason, a former partner. She had also been chatting with her ex-husband on the popular microblogging website Reddit, and Jason was concerned that Brandi Worley was cheating on him. Jason Worley, meanwhile, suspected that Brandi was cheating and had seen her ex-wife smiling on her phone at odd times.

Jason and Charlee were not alone. Their parents had recently filed for divorce, and Brandi was distraught. She had plans to kill both of them and herself. But she accidentally bought a knife instead, and hid it in Tyler’s room.

She stabbed herself

The murders of two children – Tyler and Charlee Worley – were not an isolated incident. Brandi Worley stabbed her children to death, killing herself in the process. While her husband was asleep, Worley straddled Tyler, stabbed him multiple times and then turned the knife on herself. The death of her children was a tragic end to a happy marriage.

Brandi Worley’s husband, Jason, filed for divorce the day before she stabbed herself to death. She had been cheating on him and their kids, and when Jason wanted a divorce, she stayed.

Despite the family’s turmoil, Brandi Worley’s death remains unsolved. She had killed her two children – Tyler, 7, and Charlee, three. Her husband, Jason Worley, is still facing charges of second-degree murder. In the interview with reporters, Worley confessed to using Benadryl to help her relax after she stabbed herself. Her family has since been in shock and are awaiting a trial.

Jason Worley’s former wife pleaded not guilty to murder charges after announcing a plea deal with prosecutors. Her husband was not present at the time of the killings, and he was unaware that Brandi Worley had murdered his children. Instead, she took a knife to the bedroom of her ex-husband. Jason Worley was asleep in the basement when the murders took place.

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