The History Behind the Rutgers Football Program

The History Behind the Rutgers Football Program

Are you a fan of college football? If so, you must’ve heard about Rutgers. Home to some of the most intense and competitive games in the NCAA, Rutgers football has had quite the following for over a century and a half.

Rutgers has a long and storied history of producing top-notch talent from its earliest days up to the present. The team has experienced many successes and failures, but its legacy remains strong, with devoted fans proud to call themselves “Scarlet Knights.”

In this article, we will explore the history of Rutgers football, from its humble beginnings in 1869 to its current status as one of the most recognizable teams in college athletics. Read on as we uncover the tale behind these legendary Scarlet Knights!

Origins of Rutgers Football

Rutgers Football’s roots can be traced back to 1869, when it became America’s first college football team. But none of this would have been possible without the work of an influential group of individuals who created something unique and special.

William J. Leggett, a former Princeton student, and co-founder of Rutgers Football, were at this group’s helm. He played a crucial role in helping to create the sport and build up its popularity, including writing the official Rutgers Football rule book. Leggett’s legacy is still felt today through his on-field contributions and off-field leadership—ensuring that his program was run with respect and integrity.

Also instrumental in establishing Rutgers Football was coach George Sanford. His dedication to his players led him to develop innovative strategies that made him one of the most successful coaches in Rutgers’s history, amassing an impressive 46-24-3 record throughout his tenure at the school. He is also responsible for introducing many technological advancements that are now commonplace in modern football programs, such as film analysis as a teaching tool for players and coaches.

These two figures—along with their teammates, coaches, and fans—are responsible for creating what we know today as the Rutgers Football Program—and laying down a strong foundation for future generations of Scarlet Knights.

Rutgers Football in the Big Ten

If you’re a college football fan, chances are you’re familiar with Rutgers University and its football program. Rutgers is part of the Big Ten conference, which offers some of the most competitive college football in the nation. However, the program was not always in its current state—the team has had a long and storied history.

Rutgers began playing football in 1869 and became the first college to play intercollegiate football when they faced Princeton University in a classic battle for bragging rights. The Rutgers Scarlet Knights have been competing as an NCAA Division I team since 1978 and officially became part of the Big Ten Conference in 2014 after an invitation from former university president Robert L. Barchi.

Since then, Rutgers has been in one of college football’s most prestigious conferences, allowing them to regularly compete against powerhouse teams like Ohio State and Michigan. It’s been a long road for Rutgers to reach this point after more than 150 years of history, but they now have their place among some of the top programs in the nation.

Celebrating Notable Alumni

Regarding Rutgers Football, you might not know that the program has produced some of the most notorious sports stars, including Hall-of-Famers Bill Bradley and Paul Robeson.

Bill Bradley

Both a Hall-of-Famer and an All-American at Rutgers, Bill Bradley is one of the most celebrated figures in college football. After graduating from Rutgers in 1965, he played for the New York Knicks and won two championships — a feat that hasn’t been repeated since.

Paul Robeson

Another star who emerged from Rutgers is Paul Robeson, an equally talented athlete on the field and stage. While at Rutgers, Robeson was named an All-American three times and elected class valedictorian. He became an actor, singer, and civil rights activist who advocated for the Civil Rights Movement over several decades.

The list of famous alums from the Rutgers Football Program continues beyond there. It also includes NFL Pro Bowlers Mohammed Sanu and Devin McCourty — so it’s no wonder why this team is one of America’s most beloved college teams!

Building the Scarlet Knights’ Legacy

Since the start of the Rutgers football program in 1869, the team has had an incredible impact on college football. From winning their first game against Princeton in 1869 to becoming the birthplace of college football in 1876, Rutgers has made an indelible mark on the sport.

It all started with William J. Leggett, a student at Rutgers who had a deep passion for sports. He believed that marks could be used to build character and promote achievement. His idea to form the first-ever intercollegiate football team soon became a reality, and Rutgers kicked off their first season with a historic 6-4 win over Princeton University.

This victory laid the foundation for today’s powerful Scarlet Knights dynasty. Through hard work and dedication, Rutgers became one of the most successful programs in college football history, winning four national championships and ten conference titles over the past century-and-a-half.

From humble beginnings on Leggett’s campus back in 1869 to its current position as one of college football’s biggest powerhouses, Rutgers University has immensely impacted collegiate athletics. Its long history of success is nothing short of amazing, and it all started with William J Leggett’s dream more than 150 years ago!

Records and Accomplishments

Rutgers Football has a long history of accomplishments and successful seasons. The program has seen many successes over the years, including winning their first ever bowl game in 1978, becoming the first team in the country to have composite helmets in the early 1900s, and having the highest winning percentage in Big East history from 2005-2011.

The program has had some legendary players as well. They have produced some of the greatest NFL players, including two-time Super Bowl Champion Devin McCourty and Pro Football Hall of Famer Paul Robeson. Rutgers also has an impressive list of former coaches who left their mark on the program, such as George Little and Greg Schiano, who led them to historic bowl wins during their tenures.

The Scarlet Knights have also accomplished several impressive records throughout their history. In 2008 they won a school-record 11 games, becoming just the fourth team in school history to win ten or more games. They also set a record for most points scored in one season with 476 points in 2006 and for most rushing yards gained with 3,957 yards in 2007.

Rutgers has been blessed with an incredible football history that will be remembered for years.

Fan Traditions and Celebrations

Regarding Rutgers football, there’s a lot of history behind today’s fan traditions and celebrations. It all started in the early 1800s when Rutgers was named the first college in New Jersey to host its football team. From then on, cheers and chants were created to support Rutgers.

Fast forward to today, and you can see that the enthusiasm for Rutgers football only continues to grow. One of their most celebrated traditions is “The Scarlet Walk,” a pre-game ritual where the team walks from their practice facility to the football stadium with their coaches, families, and fans cheering them on.

Rutgers also has many unique chants, songs, and cheers that they use to show their pride and excitement for their team. “On The Banks” is one of the most popular songs among fans—it’s an ode to Rutgers football tradition that speaks about solid mental fortitude and never giving up despite obstacles or challenges.

Additionally, you’ve ever attended a Rutgers game. In that case, you know there are traditional post-game activities like singing “Gloria Ruthena” (the school song) in unison with your fellow fans while connecting arm-in-arm with alumni who have been singing it since they first attended college.

These kinds of fan traditions make being a part of the Rutgers Football program more than just a game; it becomes an experience unlike any other.


Rutgers Football Program has a rich and storied history. From its birth as the first collegiate football program in the United States to its numerous bowl game trips, the Scarlet Knights have represented the university with pride and excellence.

The Rutgers Football Program has also seen its share of heartbreaking losses, but the players and coaches have never stopped striving to make the university proud. To this day, the Rutgers Football Program is a source of immense pride and joy among students, alums, and fans.

So no matter who you root for or which team you support, the Rutgers Football Program reminds us of the vibrant history of college athletics and how it continues to shape our culture. Here’s to many more years of Rutgers Football!

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