The Ford Expanse

The Ford Expanse has been around since the early 1960s. The design of this two-seater was inspired by the European Escort. As a result, it is quite different from most other two-seaters on the market. This article will explore the styling, powertrain and fuel economy of this Ford creation. Interested in learning more? Read on! Listed below are a few facts about the Ford Expanse.

Ford’s first two-seater

The Escort was a first two-seater from the Ford Motor Company. It had been a long time since a car produced by the company had been redesigned. In the early 1980s, the Escort underwent some cosmetic changes, including a new grille, spoiler, and restyled dash. It carried over into 1990 without major changes, but the sporty coupe offshoot, the Escort EXP, did not. Despite this, Ford’s first two-seater was sold over 98,000 units.

Its styling

The 1982 model year Ford EXP was a sports car that avoided the overwrought excesses of the 1970s. It was the pioneer of the “small is beautiful” era, arriving two years before the Honda CRX. Originally designed to appeal to childless couples, the EXP was a radical departure from the Thunderbird. But it’s hard to see how it ever became popular. In fact, the EXP’s styling never caught on with the general public.

The design of the Ford EXP broke several rules of sporty car styling. It weighed about 200 pounds more than its donor Escort, and despite sharing a base engine with the MR2, it offered a dismal performance. Eventually, other manufacturers introduced similar cars to challenge the Ford EXP. In 1984, Pontiac introduced the Fiero, and Toyota introduced the MR2 in 1985.

Its powertrain

In 1982, the Ford EXP came as a 2-seater. This type of car was not a popular buy in America, and insurance rates for two-seaters began rising. But it was the powertrain that drew the most fans and boosted sales. Read on to learn more about how the Ford EXP’s engine powered its success. Here are the main differences between the EXP and the Escort.

The Ford EXP was born out of the same platform as the Escort. The EXP’s powertrain was identical to the Escort’s, but it had a longer, aerodynamic body. It was a moderate success when it first came out, but some critics were less than impressed.

Its fuel efficiency

According to government regulators, the average fuel cost for a 1988 EXP is $1,400 per year, based on 15,000 miles of city driving and 45% highway driving, using regular gasoline. In addition, the EXP only consumes 12 barrels of petroleum per year, which is a huge saving, as most of the world’s oil comes from Russia, Saudi Arabia, and the U.S.

The Ford EXP was a two-seat car that never managed to reach its potential sales goals. However, Ford’s executives didn’t have to look far for a solution to that problem. With the Escort and Toyota MR2, they could have been a perfect match.

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