The Coolest Vape Trick You Need To Try

To all the sheesha addicts and chain smokers who desperately want to quit the current habit, the good news is already banging your door, Vape! Yes, you know it right. Vaping is currently considered the best for a lot of reasons, and for the young followers, it’s way cooler than sheesha or even cigarettes. Quick recap; vape is fr of tar and tobacco and has a comparatively lesser amount of nicotine in it. Is it safer? Is it less unhealthy? Well, we aren’t getting into this discussion here. There is plenty more that youth wants to know about vaping and vape shops in Pakistan.

Disclaimer: if you are doubtful regarding vape usage in Pakistan. Whether Is it legal or illegal? Then one must know that at this time, there is no prohibiting law regarding vaping, and it is completely legal.

Vapes are used with e-liquids, mostly known as flavors of juices in Pakistan. The components in e-liquids are considered much safer than those present in cigarettes or sheesha. There are two types of vapes;

●        Mouth to lung

●        Direct to lung

Many local sellers sell many juice and e-liquids with a variety of flavors. In fact, a huge list of flavors can be seen of vapes on the local hookers, but it is beneficial and recommended to purchase e-liquids from the authorized online vape shop in Pakistan. The quality says it all that the local hackers bring, which are fake and often expired, may not last long and be disastrous for the lungs. Hence choose the premium sellers only.


Human nature gets tired and bored of everything very quickly. It demands changes, fresh ideas, and more fantastic innovations every then and now. Over the years, it has been witnessed that Primarily a cigarette lover becomes a sheesha fan, and in just no time, they become a diehard user of vapes. Adapting its expertise in making clouds and specific tricks and techniques that make it look cool. Getting reminded by the word ‘cool,’ we are here to talk about the most demanded and coolest tips and tricks to be tried with vapes. Popular in the youth, the way vapes are used says a lot about one’s personality.


1.       Quality over quantity never chooses a low-cost battery or flavor. A low-price battery may die anytime and may leave you embarrassed in a bunch of friends. The same goes for flavors; cheap flavors don’t last long and may not even create good smoke.

2.       The ghost hit; it is about exhaling a cloud initially and then quickly taking it back in the mouth. Keeping it still in the mouth for a few seconds, then pouring it out and then inhaling it back

3.                   The French inhale is often described as the toughest yet coolest. It’s about exhaling the smoke from the mouth and inhaling it through the nostrils.

4.            Tornado trick. One of the easiest tricks of all. It requires hands; try this trick in the car because it requires a flat surface. Stand or sit in front of a table, drag a solid cloud, bend over, place your mouth as close to the table’s top as possible, then slowly exhale the cloud. Once it is released, extend your hand and put it in the center of the cloud. Then, quickly raise your arm in the air, step back and see the twister shape forming.

5.                   Dragon cloud, this one looks complicated and tough but is surprisingly the easiest one. The longer the pull, the better it will come out once all the smoke has been inhaled, pushed, and exhaled through nostrils and from the side of the mouth.

6.                  Triangles, try it with a ripe collection peachy mango pineapple. A very famous one forming a triangle requires a bit of practice. Exhale a ring of vapor,  gently push it with your hands. immediately tap one side of the ring, and it will bend into a triangle.

7.                  Bull Ring, try it with iced berry peach salt flavor, a very vicious-looking trick, blow a medium-sized ring, then lean into it and inhale the top area of the ring through nostrils. It will instantly transform into a septum piercing or a bull ring, and the greatest effects may be achieved by using a mirror.

8.       Coming to the non-interesting tip in the end but an important one, vaping in front of children is not cool; hence, as a matter of fact, avoid vaping in the presence of children.

9.       Similarly, never blow clouds on someone’s face; it is extremely unethical.

10.   Never chase clouds


Now we know most of the basic tips and techniques. Show them off and be the hero of the bar. Focus on the basics and keep experimenting. Try the fascinating flavors one can ask for. Find them online and buy vape online from our authorized chasemycould outlets.

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