The Best Timekeeper Cookie of 2019

Timekeeper Cookie

Having a timekeeper cookie is the best way to ensure you are always a step ahead of the game. You will never be out of shape, ill or late for a meeting with your boss or client. The cookie is also a great gift to give to someone who is on the go, in a hurry or has an active social life. You can even make it as unique as you want.

Millennial Tree Cookie is a reincarnation of the ancient Millennial Tree. This magnificent, ancient tree is a Cookie and has had its roots spread all over the world. It is said to have granted life to all corners of the Cookie world, including Churro Village. However, it seems to have been sealed in a magical slumber to resist dark sorcery.

It is also said that Millennial Tree Cookie possesses a similar power to control time, just like Millennial Tree. This makes it the most powerful Cookie on the Good side. However, Millennial Tree isn’t sure whether to become a Cookie by choice or desperation.

As a Cookie, Millennial Tree Cookie is able to summon the Circle of Time at certain intervals. This allows him to destroy obstacles and create jellies. This power also slows down his lifespan, giving him time to live longer. It also allows him to enter wormholes. This allows him to evade agents of the Time Balance Department.

The only other Legendary Cookie with no powers is GingerBrave. His main motivation is Rage Against the Heavens. It is also said that he has a black and red color palette. It is also implied that he is overconfident.

Timekeeper Cookie is one of the big bads in the Operation: Timeguard storyline. He is also a potential future counterpart of Croissant Cookie. It is unknown whether he will be released with a Trial upon its release.

Future Badass

Amongst the thousands of tidbits in the galaxy’s nebula, a future badass timekeeper in the flesh is no small feat. That being said, a plethora of timekeeping technologies have been unveiled in the past few days, which have all been vying for top dog. One of them, the aptly named “future badass timekeeper”, is unquestionably the best bet for a spot amongst the clan. The “big G” will make its presence known in short order. Hopefully, the future good timekeeper will be a well behaved member of the gang. After all, the femolite may not even feign interest in the first place. Nevertheless, we are bound to be on the prowl for the coveted slot in a few days time, if you are still looking for a mate, you have come to the right place.

Pitaya Dragon

Despite being a relatively new cookie in the game, Pitaya Dragon timekeeper cookie has managed to garner a lot of attention, so much so that it won Cookie of the Year 2019. As the name suggests, this cookie has a few tricks up its sleeve.

Among the most interesting things about this cookie is its hidden combo with Dragon’s Tail. The combination is a lot stronger than it looks. In fact, it’s a little surprising that this particular combo isn’t much more popular.

While this cookie is a powerhouse, it’s also a bit power hungry. Timekeeper Cookie can get you a lot of power, but it’s important to remember that it’s only as strong as its time. This means that it’s best used as the first runner in Breakout.

The Timekeeper Cookie sucks a lot of energy, but it also has a few nice tricks up its sleeve. One of these is its sonic Embroider. This gimmick enables this cookie to travel through wormholes. This is a nice trick to use when you’re on the hunt for the coveted Ivory Orb.

In fact, the Timekeeper Cookie is a lot more complicated than you might think. It requires a fair amount of time and investment to be as strong as you’d like it to be. It is a good idea to plan ahead, though. That means making sure that you have a nifty hat or two in hand at all times.


Expy timekeeper cookie is the future self of Croissant Cookie from a different time. In the English and Japanese version, Croissant Cookie speaks in a friendly, cheerful tone, while the Korean version speaks in an oratory style. It is believed that Timekeeper Cookie exists in multiple points in spacetime, and is able to travel between them. It was released as part of the Operation Timeguard update in January 2022. It was also the first Cookie to earn 500 million points in Land’s End.

Timekeeper Cookie can appear and disappear at will, and has the ability to travel between different time points. They also have the ability to create time rifts with their Sonic Embroider. This allows them to grant points to other Jellies by causing them to blink forward. It also causes time dilation, which extends the duration of Power Jellies by 50%. This Skill also extends the Super Magnetism.

Timekeeper Cookie also has the ability to evade agents of the Time Balance Department. They are able to enter wormholes at intervals. They are also capable of floating during running animations. Expy timekeeper cookie is one of the first Cookies to receive a Combi Bonus from two Pets. They share a Combi Pet with Croissant Cookie’s pet Cosmos Gear. In January 2022, Timekeeper Cookie received the new Legendary Combi Pet Continuum Cog.

Timekeeper Cookie is a very capable time traveler, and explains to Croissant Cookie that they exist in a time rift. They claim to be from another timeline, but Croissant Cookie suspects this is true. She then asks how Timekeeper Cookie knows about the TBD protocol, as she thinks she can speak with them.

Often called the Timekeeper Cookie, this Cookie is a unique character that can be found in multiple locations in spacetime. Its base score is extremely high and its Sonic Embroider skill is very versatile. It also has a Combi Bonus with Croissant Cookie’s pet Cosmos Gear. The Skill’s base score has been reduced in the Save the Future update, but the cooldown was increased to match the synergy with Legendary Pets.

Croissant Cookie believes that Timekeeper Cookie is her future self. She has been searching for Timekeeper Cookie for a long time and finally gets a chance to talk to it. She is surprised when Timekeeper Cookie tells her that they are the only versions of Croissant Cookie to have joined TBD. However, Timekeeper also mentions that GingerBrave was the first Cookie to escape the Oven. Croissant wonders how Timekeeper Cookie knows about TBD protocol and asks why they do not tell her.

Timekeeper Cookie can be found in multiple locations throughout spacetime and speaks in an oratory style in the English version, while speaking in a cheerful tone in the Japanese and Korean versions. They can be seen running along the Sonic Embroider during running animations, and they are also present and absent at the same time. They are also capable of instantaneously turning back into flour and sugar. They also are able to evade agents of the Time Balance Department.


Despite being a relative newcomer, Timekeeper Cookie has managed to stand out as the cookie of choice for many players and teams over the past 9 months. In the Champions League, Timekeeper Cookie set a record for the highest ranking combination in all maps. It’s also the first Cookie to score 500 million points in Land’s End.

Timekeeper Cookie also has one of the longest cooldowns of all time. It is also the only Cookie to earn the enviable badge for being the most important pet in the game. Its high mobility and high base stats make it ideal for high-level solo play. Its long-term synergy with Legendary Pets is what sets it apart from its peers. Despite this, Timekeeper Cookie is a formidable opponent for players who take the time to play the game right.

Despite its limitations, Timekeeper Cookie can do a number of cool things. For example, its Magic Candy can create a Magic Time Rune, a mini-game that displays the current time time blink has been completed. This is a very cool trick that will take you many months of play to master. Its other perks include the ability to collect four potions and a 39-second Skill cooldown. Timekeeper Cookie can also display a very impressive acrobatic feat. Its best trick, though, is to evade the agents of the Time Balance Department.

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