The Benefits of a WAN for Strandbags

Strandbags is a well-established Australian handbag brand that was founded in 1927. They offer a variety of designer and own brand handbags, as well as luggage, backpacks, business bags, wallets and more. You can find Strandbags stores in major Australian cities, including the capital, as well as suburban shopping centres. If you’re in the market for a new handbag, you’ve come to the right place!

Brennan’s Private IP WAN solution enables strandbags to provide a higher standard of service

With a new POS system, Strandbags’ Wide Area Network provides a high level of customer service. Instead of relying on a costly call center to keep track of stock levels, staff now access stock lists from their internal network. The WAN also generates efficiencies in other areas. With one centralised location, IT staff can provide quick support to branch offices and other sites. Remote access means IT problems can be diagnosed and resolved quickly and easily.

Using Brennan’s Private IP WAN solution, Strandbags can protect their business from threats online. The company’s Cisco switches enable Cory to examine all incoming data, and the advanced ‘content keeper’ tool helps him control bandwidth costs by filtering out unnecessary traffic. These advanced features improve customer service and technical support. The company is confident that Brennan’s Private IP WAN solution will help it deliver a higher standard of service to its customers.

It is a secure, managed networking solution

The deployment of Strandbags’ Point of Sale system brought with it a raft of benefits for Strandbags’ business. Strandbags was looking for reliable connectivity, speed and flexibility. The solution was flexible and delivered on all four fronts. The installation was quick and painless, with minimal impact to the organisation. The organisation now benefits from 24/7 support and reliable connectivity from the Strandbags team in New Zealand and Australia.

The Strandbags network provides more than just network security, as Brennan and Strandbags worked together to install a Cisco ASA firewall, which helps secure the network against internet threats. In addition, Cisco switches enable Cory to examine every piece of incoming data, and an advanced ‘content keeper’ enables him to set policies for staff access to the internet, while ensuring bandwidth costs are kept to a minimum.

It has additional network services

Besides its core business of selling handbags, Strandbags is also a retailer of other fashion accessories, including backpacks, travel bags, and business bags. The company is currently trialling a retail concept in Melbourne and Sydney, and has plans to launch other online stores. The company is experimenting with additional network services, such as delivery. However, it has not announced its plan to use them for shipping. In the meantime, it plans to launch a mobile application in the future.

The re-platforming of Strandbags’s New Zealand and Australian stores with Shopify Plus has yielded results fast. With constant innovation, this platform is never going to become outdated. With this new platform, Strandbags is breaking down boundaries in fashion and apparel. And with Shopify Plus, they’re breaking records and embracing new technologies to grow their brand. Hopefully, their new online presence will help them achieve even more.

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