Target Pasadena

The Target Pasadena branch is one of the 1833 stores in the US. Located at 777 E Colorado Blvd, this store offers affordable prices and irresistible promotions. If you are looking for a good deal on groceries, clothing, and other items, Target is the right place for you. Its weekly circulars are worth checking out, and you can find other items you need in the store. The opening hours and address are below.

Open in November

Target’s Pasadena store will open in November. It will also carry a wide variety of toys and other items. The Pasadena store will also sell household items, clothing, electronics, and cosmetics. However, before the grand opening, the company is trying to keep the upscale image they have earned.

Target has a strong presence in the area and plans to open two more supercenters in the area next year. Supercenter stores are large warehouses that offer grocery items and general merchandise, and Target is trying to keep their upscale image. This new Pasadena store will also feature a gourmet coffee bar. It will also sell baked goods in an in-store bakery. In addition to food and beverage items, Target will also sell housewares, consumer electronics, clothing, and more.

Newly renovated building on Colorado

The retail giant has been aggressively battling its chief rivals Wal-Mart and Kmart for the Southland market. Dayton Hudson Corp., based in Minneapolis, hopes the Pasadena location will help the Minneapolis-based discount chain recover from the devastating 1993 recession.

Target plans to open two supercenters in the Southland next year. The supercenters will offer groceries and general merchandise. It also tries to retain its upscale image by adding an in-store gourmet coffee bar. The retail center will also include cosmetics, household goods, sporting goods, and clothing. In the years ahead, the company plans to add two more California locations.

Feature a large selection of products

The Pasadena location will feature a large selection of products. The store will also include a restaurant and a gourmet coffee shop. The retail location will offer a wide range of food, including fresh-roasted coffee. There are several Target locations in the Southland, so you can choose the one nearest to you. The first one is planned to open on Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena. It is the second largest Target store in the city.

Located on Colorado Boulevard, the Pasadena Target is the latest shot in the discount chain industry’s fight for the lucrative Southland market. It is a two-level building with 175,000 square feet of space. The Minneapolis-based retailer is aiming to rebound from the disastrous 1993 calamity that hit it hard. In fact, the store’s two-level design will attract people from all over the city.

The new Pasadena Target is one of two supercenter stores in the country. Both stores will offer groceries and general merchandise, but the two will compete for customers in the Los Angeles area. The new store is a great addition for the area. Its location is ideal for the neighborhood and will be a convenient location for shoppers. Aside from the new store, it will also feature a gourmet coffee shop. And, of course, the mall will have an in-store restaurant.

Huge development for the city

The new Target Pasadena location is a huge development for the city. It will serve as a major competition for Kmart and Wal-Mart in the Southland. The company is slated to open two supercenter stores in California this year. It is one of the largest retailing companies in the United States, and if you’re looking for something affordable and convenient, Target is your store. The new store will be located on Colorado Boulevard, and the mall will have a 70,000 square foot footprint.

The new store will have 175,000 square feet and will open on Colorado Boulevard. The store is the latest shot in the discount-chain war for the lucrative Southland market, where it is competing with Wal-Mart and Kmart. The newly built Target Pasadena location is a two-level structure. It will have a cafe inside, but most of the store will be devoted to groceries and general merchandise.

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