Sutter Urgent Care Opens New Clinics in Scotts Valley

Sutter Urgent Care is a medical group that has one location in Sutter, California. They specialize in Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, and Other Specialties. There are 5 physicians on staff. Patients don’t have to spend hours in a busy emergency room, and they can leave with the care they need on the same day. There are no long wait times. A nurse will be available 24 hours a day to answer any questions patients may have.

Medical group that offers various

Sutter Urgent Care is a non-profit medical group that offers various areas of expertise. The foundation became affiliated with Sutter Health in 1993 and currently has 63 physicians. Sutter Health gave it the Excellence Award for Patient Satisfaction in 2011 and is dedicated to improving patient experience and satisfaction. These physicians are able to work together, communicate effectively, and use their nursing knowledge to better treat patients.

The new clinics in Scotts Valley will open in May.

Efforts to better serve its community

The new clinics are a step in Sutter’s efforts to better serve its community. The Sutter Clinic in Scotts Valley will serve people with behavioral health concerns and those with a limited income. The addition of these services is expected to increase the number of patients who need such care. There, the patients shared their experiences with Sutter Urgent Care and the Sutter Foundation.

The sutter Urgent Care Clinic is the largest in the Sacramento region, and is operated by the Sutter Medical Foundation. It has expanded its services to family medicine, cardiology, and obstetrics. The clinics accept Medi-Cal and Medicare.

California is a well-known medical

The Sutter Urgent Care Center in Sacramento, California is a well-known medical provider. It offers 7 services, including immunizations, pregnancy tests, and basic metabolic panel. The Sutter Urgent Care Center in Sacramento accepts payment through five different payment methods, including cash, credit, and debit cards.

The Sutter Urgent Care Clinic in Sacramento, CA offers a variety of services. These include immunizations, pregnancy tests, tuberculosis testing, and basic metabolic panel. They accept five different payment options, including cash and credit cards.

Roseville Sutter Express Care

There are several Sutter Urgent Care locations in Sacramento. The Roseville Sutter Express Care is located at 4004 Foothills Blvd. The clinic is open seven days a week and is part of the Sutter Health network. There are 8 other Sutter Health urgent care locations within 20 miles of Roseville. Most of the Sutter Urgent Clinics offer same-day and emergency care.

Sutter Urgent Care is located in Sacramento, CA. Its staff members speak Spanish and English. Sutter’s services include immunizations, vaccinations, pregnancy tests, tuberculosis testing, and basic metabolic panel. The Sutter Urgent Care clinic accepts five different payment methods. It is best to make an appointment for any urgent health problems that require medical attention, including flu shots.

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