Suspension of Vietnamese News Website – Fine Or Suspension?

What’s the verdict? Fine or suspension? Links to criminal gangs? Is it time to rethink this news website? Read on to learn more about the case of truoi news. It’s not all bad, though. There are many factors that could lead to truoi news‘ suspension.

Suspension of truoi news website

The suspension of a popular Vietnamese news website may have political implications. Last week, the government dismissed the country’s Minister of Information and Communications, Truong Minh Tuan, on charges of violating democratic centralism. The failed transaction could have cost the government $303 million.

In a recent article, the Tuoi Tre news website published a story that attributed an untrue comment to President Tran Dai Quang. The Press Authority ordered the news website to correct the content and apologize to its readers.The editorial board accepted the decision and the print editions will continue to run as normal.


The shutdown of Fine Truoi news is just the latest blow to independent media outlets in Vietnam. It is a result of the Communist Party’s crackdown on free speech, which has already affected scores of state-owned and independent media outlets. The government’s new cybersecurity law could have disastrous consequences for freedom of the press, but the closure of Tuoi Tre demonstrates the importance of independent journalism in the country. The following are some stories from the outlet.

The Vietnamese authorities suspended local news website Tuoi Tre Online and fined it $20 million dong for publishing false information. In a statement, the newspaper apologized to readers. The editorial board of the newspaper has accepted the ban.

Executive editor sacked

The authorities have since shut down Tuoi Tre for three months, accusing the news outlet of spreading fake news and further dividing North and South Vietnam.

It’s unclear whether Truong misquoted the president or not. The newspaper has eight representative offices in the Vietnamese capital. Regardless of the situation, the suspension serves as a warning to other Vietnamese newspapers. In addition to a journalist’s dismissal, the suspension has led to the resignation of many other newspaper executives.

Is truoi news still a viable source of information in Vietnam?

The suspension of Tuoi Tre came in response to a report that quoted the president of the Republic of Vietnam, Tran Dai Quang, as saying that he is sympathetic to anti-China demonstrations that took place in June. Among these questions is whether or not the suspension is political.

The Vietnamese government tightly controls the media, and there is no tolerance for criticism.

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