Spec’s Family Partners, LTD

Specs family partners ltd. has its headquarters in Dallas, TX. The company is part of the Beer, Wine, and Liquor Stores industry. It employs 1 person at this location and operates 120 other corporate family companies. Below are the latest filings and estimated contacts for Spec’s Family Partners, Ltd. These contacts are not verified and may differ from those listed on D&B Hoovers.

Spec’s Family Partners, Ltd.

Defendants argued that Spec’s’s failure to plead sufficient facts to state a constitutional right barring an injunction violated their Fifth Amendment right to due process. The Fifth Circuit affirmed, holding that the district court erred in concluding that the defendants are immune from claims for the alleged concealment of evidence or breach of individual capacity. The Fifth Circuit also held that sovereign immunity does not bar claims based on official capacity.

Spec’s Family Partners, LTD is a Texas-based liquor store chain. While the company’s website indicates that it has over 120 corporate family members, the actual number of employees may be considerably higher. If you are considering a Spec’s sponsorship opportunity, remember that these estimates are only estimates and may not reflect the reality.

As a result, the TABC investigated Spec’s and filed administrative actions. In a separate suit, Spec’s sought a declaration of innocence for the individuals named in the complaint. The TABC, however, did not recognize the alleged infringement of the Code.

Recent filings

In June, Spec’s Family Partners, Ltd. filed to begin selling liquor at 11751 Bandera Road in Live Oak, Texas. The company owns three locations in San Antonio and one in Live Oak. While this is not unusual, it is a sign of its financial problems.

In one of the company’s recent lawsuits, an insurer failed to pay Spec’s family for losses stemming from data breaches in 2012 and 2014. Hanover Insurance Co., the insurer of Spec’s Family Partners Ltd., sued Spec’s on the basis that the insurer breached its policy and agreement to fund the company’s lawsuit against FirstData Merchant Services Corp., which provided a payment card processing service for Spec’s. The case was settled in January 2017.

After the data breach, Spec’s took steps to get back on track and fully comply with PCI DSS security standards. This included segmenting off the payment card server and increasing account data encryption levels. However, this still did not solve the underlying problems and Spec’s is still fighting FirstData. The court has yet to rule on the settlement, which will most likely take some time. In the meantime, Spec’s has to continue to pay its debts to satisfy the credit card companies.

Liquor Stores industry

Spec’s Family Partners, LTD is a family-owned liquor store chain with headquarters in Midtown Houston. They operate as Spec’s Wine, Spirits, and Finer Foods. They employ a total of 1 person at their branch location. Spec’s is the largest liquor vendor in Greater Houston. Their corporate family is comprised of 120 other companies. In addition to retail locations, they also engage in manufacturing activities.

Spec’s Family Partners, Ltd. operates a chain of liquor stores across the United States. They accept payment cards backed by payment networks. The networks contract with issuing banks and acquiring banks to sponsor merchants in their system. The acquiring banks process transactions and issue payment cards. Spec’s Family Partners, Ltd. is one of the largest companies in this industry, with over one hundred locations in eighty counties.

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