Selling a House Quickly in Florida

Are you from Florida and want to sell your house quickly? If so, then this guide would be very helpful for you. We tell you how to sell a house in Florida quickly and seamlessly. 

Since Florida is a seller’s market, selling your house should not be a problem. However, it is important that you get the best price for your house. We hereby share tips to help you sell your house quickly. We have also listed the best companies where you can list your house for sale and get the best prices.

Florida home sale guide

1) When to sell your house?

Timing also plays an important role when it comes to selling your house. When you sell in late spring or early summer, you can expect to get a better price. Some studies have shown that selling in May or June can fetch up to 7% more price in Tampa. Since Florida is at present a seller’s market, selling any time would be a good option.

2) How to sell your house?

There are different ways in which you can sell your house in Florida. 

a) Sell through FSBO

FSBO is For Sale By Owner. It is where you sell your house yourself on a website without using the services of a real estate agent. This is a good option since it allows you to save on commission. You can list your house on the website of FSBO companies where buyers can see the listing and approach you. A downside is that the listing will not be on the MLS. Also, you need to do everything like negotiation and closing on your own.

b) Sell using an agent’s services

If you don’t mind paying a commission to a real estate agent, then you can use this option. Take the services of a real estate agent who would help you sell the house quickly. The agent would list your house on an MLS, so more buyers can see the listing. The agent would help you negotiate with buyers and also with closing. The downside is you may end up paying a 5 to 6% commission on the sale price, which can be expensive. 

c) Sell through the flat fee MLS option

A flat fee MLS company would allow you to get the benefit of FSBO with an MLS listing. The result is that you are paying a flat fee and saving a lot of money on commission. Since your house is listed on the MLS, it increases the chances of getting the best deal. Such companies offer additional services like help during the closing that you can avail of if needed.

3) Where to sell your house?

There are many real estate companies and technology firms that allow you to list your house for sale. Using their services will help you get the best deal while selling quickly. The following is a list of such firms. Choose the best among them to proceed with your house sale in Florida.

1. Houzeo

Houzeo is a tech company that harnesses technology to solve real estate problems and make home selling seamless. This technology firm charges $499 to list your house on the MLS. They are known for their excellent customer support, which is why they are highly rated. 4.9/5 is their customer rating which is impressive. When you list on their website, the listing is shared on many other popular platforms like Redfin and Zillow.

Their technology makes it easy to manage your listing. Their mobile app gives you the convenience of managing your listing from anywhere. The biggest benefit of using Houzeo’s service is that you can save a lot of money on commission. If you need additional services, you can get them on à la carte basis.

2. We buy houses

This is a company that buys houses for cash. They are ideal for people who want to sell their homes quickly for cash. Once you list your house with them, you can expect an offer within 24 to 48 hours. If you accept the offer, you can close the sale within 14 days. This is the best way to sell your house quickly.

However, you cannot expect to get the market value. You may get anywhere from 70% to 90% of your home value. We buy houses review by customers indicate that there are other charges. This includes a closing fee and charges for repair. This can go up to 13% of the sale price, which can be quite expensive.

3. Beycome is a full-service real estate agent that operates virtually. What this means is if you get all the services that a regular real estate agent offers. However, the services are offered online. This allows you to save money on commission. Beycome charges $999 or 1% of the sale price as their fee.

They have a customer rating of 4.3/5, which is an average rating. They allow you to list your house on the MLS and even create a webpage for you. This option allows you a few photos to upload. For other features, you have to pay extra. You will need to depend on their agents to get you, buyers.

4. Houwzer

This company is a discount real estate broker. They offer services just like other real estate agents, but with a discount on their prices. They are a flat fee discount broker who charges $5000 as the fee. This fee would work out if your house is highly-priced, else it may work out to be expensive.

There are additional services offered that you can opt for if you need them. If you sell your house and also buy a house on their website, you get a $2500 rebate. Their review rating is 4.5/5. You cannot expect personalized support from them. Also, their technology is not all that impressive.

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