Rio Park Benidorm: Our Top Tips For A Perfect Holiday In Spain

When it comes to Spain, there is no shortage of great places to visit. However, what if you want to combine a holiday with some exciting activities? Where can you go and have fun without breaking the bank? Rio Park Benidorm is the perfect place for you! In addition to its beautiful surroundings and excellent facilities, this park has something for everyone. Here are our top tips for an ideal holiday in Rio Park Benidorm.

What to expect in Rio Park Benidorm

If you’re looking for an idyllic Spanish holiday, look no further than Rio Park Benidorm. With over 350 acres of stunning coastline and countryside, this enchanting resort is perfect for a family break or a romantic getaway. Here are our top tips to make the most of your stay:

1) Book Your Stay Early – Rio Park Benidorm is constantly full due to its popularity with UK tourists, so book your stay as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

2) Make The Most Of Your Time In The Resort – There’s plenty to do in Rio Park Benidorm, from swimming in the heated pools to playing on the beachfront playgrounds. Take advantage of all the available facilities, and don’t miss out on the evening shows at one of the resort’s five theatres.

3) Sample Local Flavours – Why not explore the surrounding areas in Rio Park Benidorm? You’ll be spoilt for choices regarding delicious local food and drink options, from bustling cafes to charming bodegas.

4) Relax And Unwind – Spending time at the beach is undoubtedly one of the highlights of any trip to Spain, but remember all of Rio Park Benidorm’s other attractions! There are plenty of peaceful spots where you can take a break from all the action and let your hair down on spa days or wellness retreats.

Best time to visit Benidorm

If you’re looking for a sun-soaked holiday in Spain, look no further than Benidorm. The city’s stunning coastline and vibrant nightlife make it the perfect place to soak up the Mediterranean sun. Here are our top tips for enjoying your stay in Benidorm:

1. Start your day with a healthy breakfast at one of the many beachfront restaurants.

2. Spend your afternoon at one of Benidorm’s many bars and clubs, soaking up the lively atmosphere.

3. Feeling energetic, take a walk along the beach or head to the countryside for some fresh air.

4. At night, why not dip in Benidorm’s many famous swimming pools before checking out some of the city’s fascinating nightlife options?

What to do in Benidorm

If you’re looking for a dream holiday in Spain, look no further than Benidorm. This lively resort town is perfect for travellers – from families and couples with children to singles and honeymooners. Here are our top tips for an ideal holiday in Benidorm:

1. Explore the colourful streets of Benidorm’s old town

Start your day by wandering around the bustling streets of Benidorm’s historic old town. There are plenty of shops and restaurants to explore here and fascinating historical landmarks like the Church of San Francisco and the Alcazar palace.

2. Get lost in the sun on one of Benidorm’s many sandy beaches

Suppose you’re looking for relaxation, head to one of the city’s many sandy beaches. You can find stunningly clear waters here, plus plenty of amenities such as parasols, sun loungers, and beach umbrellas for when it gets too hot.

3. Indulge in some delicious Spanish cuisine at one of Benidorm’s many restaurants

Benidorm has something for everyone – whether you’re after fresh seafood dishes or hearty home-cooked meals. Head to one of the town’s many restaurants to try delicious Spanish cuisine (or relax by the pool).

What to see in Benidorm

If you’re looking for a perfect holiday in Spain, Benidorm is the place to be! The vibrant city centre is full of lively bars, restaurants and shops, while the surrounding beaches and palm-lined promenades are ideal for relaxing. Here are our top tips for having a great time in Benidorm:

Start your day with a trip to the nearby Rio Park, where you can enjoy a wide range of activities, from cycling to fishing. If you fancy some lunchtime relaxation, head to one of the area’s many beachfront cafes or seafood restaurants. After lunch, take a walk around the heart of Benidorm and see some of its most famous sights – like La Cala Golf Resort or Club Med. If you have a free evening, why not explore some of Benidorm’s famous nightclubs? There’s sure to be something that appeals to everyone in this lively city centre. Finally, don’t forget to book your flights home early – there’s never been such an exciting time to visit Spain!

Where to stay in Benidorm

If you’re looking for a perfect place to stay in Benidorm, look no further than Rio Park Benidorm. This luxurious property offers a wide range of amenities and services, all designed to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

The resort has six beautifully appointed and spacious suites that accommodate up to six guests. Alternatively, two family suites can accommodate up to ten people each. All the suites come with various facilities, including air conditioning, cable TV, Wi-Fi access and private balconies or terraces.

If you’re looking for something more active to do while you’re in Benidorm, then head over to the fitness centre. Here you’ll find everything from a pool table and PlayStation 4 gaming system to gym equipment and a basketball court. Plus, if you want to get out on the town but want to avoid dealing with traffic or parking issues, Rio Park Benidorm offers free public transportation nearby.

Regarding food options, the resort has an extensive menu that includes international and Spanish dishes. Their in-house chefs always offer something fresh and delicious, so if you’re looking for a special meal at night, check out L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon, where Michelin-starred chef Joel Robuchon prepares your meal from local ingredients.

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Tips for a perfect holiday in Spain

When planning your trip to Spain, avoiding the crowds and finding the perfect relaxing spot is critical. Here are our top tips for an ideal holiday in Spain:

1. Start your trip by booking flights early: The earlier you book, the better your chance of getting great deals.

2. Book accommodation well in advance: This way, you can be sure you’ll get the best available spot. You can either stay in an all-inclusive resort or find smaller places offering more personalized service.

3. Explore different areas: Don’t restrict yourself to big tourist spots like Barcelona and Madrid – there are plenty of other beautiful destinations like Valencia or Granada.

4. Get outdoors: One of the best things about travelling to Spain is how easy it is to get out and explore. Head for lovely natural parks like Rio Park in Benidorm or Tenerife’s Parque Nacional de Teide – both of which offer world-class hiking trails and stunning panoramas.

5. Have fun at theme parks and amusement parks: Why not take a day off from the sightseeing and enjoy some thrilling rides at one of Spain’s many amusement parks? If you want something a little more exciting, try visiting one of Europe’s largest theme parks, Universal Studios Resort in Orlando, Florida or Disneyland Paris (both within driving distance of Barcelona).


If you’re wondering what to do in Benidorm this Christmas, our top tips will help make your holiday experience perfect. From enjoying a festive day out at Rio Park Benidorm to finding the best deals on accommodation and eating out, we have everything you need to make sure your trip to Spain is unforgettable. Be prepared for some fantastic memories, whether you’re planning a short break or a more extended stay!

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