Restaurant Mexicanos – The Best Mexican Restaurants in Mexico City

If you’ve been to Mexico City, you’ve probably heard of the best chains in the city. The list includes El Torito, Chavela’s, Wahoo’s Fish Tacos, and El Pollo Loco, to name a few. You can even find a restaurant near you using the hashtag #restaurantmexicanos. Taking video content on the Internet is a great way to promote your restaurant.

El Torito

One of the most well known chains of Mexican restaurants in the United States is El Torito. The name comes from the Spanish word “El Torito,” which means “little bull.” This chain of Mexican restaurants has 69 locations throughout California. Today, the restaurant operates as a part of the Xperience Restaurant Group.

The original El Torito restaurant in Newport Beach was reborn as El ‘Torito’ in 2012. It is not a place for the faint of heart, but it did provide many satisfied customers with delicious food and drinks. Today, El Torito has over 200 locations across the United States.

The two-cheese blend is a classic, and the jack cheese stuffed tortilla is delicious. You can add bacon or marinated chicken to your sandwich. For an even more authentic Mexican-style experience, try the three chicken street tacos. These are served with refried beans and romaine lettuce Then, add your favorite sauce and top with your meat and cheese. This dish is a great meal for any occasion, and one that’s worth repeating.

Wahoo’s Fish Tacos

This casual, counter-serve chain serves Latin, Asian and Brazilian flavors in a fun, lively atmosphere. The menu includes tacos and a range of beverages, such as beer and wine. A family-friendly atmosphere makes for an enjoyable evening with friends or coworkers. Whether you’re hungry for a quick bite or looking to impress the boss, you’re sure to find something you like at Wahoo’s Fish Tacos.

The three brothers who own the chain started the business in 1988. The brothers grew up in Brazil working at their parents’ Chinese restaurant. Upon arriving in the United States, the family moved near the Mexican border and began eating fish tacos. The brothers’ love for seafood and the food culture that goes along with it led them to open Wahoo’s Fish Taco.

tacos at Wahoo’s

While many of the tacos at Wahoo’s are a staple of the menu, you can find something to suit every taste. The Fish Taco is a classic, and it hasn’t changed much since 1988. A Maui Bowl is another popular option. If you’re looking for something a little different, try the Banzai Burrito, which is a mix of banzai vegetables, rice, salsa, and steak. There’s also a kids’ menu for kids.

Originally a Costa Mesa, California restaurant, Wahoo’s Fish Taco has spread to several locations in Southern California. The food here is casual and authentic, and it’s popular for both kids and adults alike. If you want to try the freshest fish tacos, you can try the fresh Baja California fish tacos, or try a combination plate or rice bowl. The restaurant has a full bar, a patio, and a children’s menu.

A Wahoo’s Fish Taco franchise can be as easy to operate as a chain of fast-casual eateries. The initial investment ranges from $425,000 to $715,000, and it has a wide geographic footprint, including locations in Hawaii and Texas. If you’re in the market for a Mexican restaurant, you might want to take advantage of Wahoo’s Groupon. This will give you $25 worth of healthy Mexican food for just $12. Make sure to visit Wahoo’s Kilauea Avenue location.


While enjoying the tasty fare at Chavela’s Mexican Restaurant, you should try one of their specialty cocktails as well. There is a wide range of tequilas, margaritas, and specialty drinks available. Guests can also try some traditional Mexican drinks. Whether you’re looking to try something new or just have a nice dinner, Chavela’s has a menu to please any taste.

Located in Crown Heights, Chavela’s serves up authentic Mexican fare and is a walk-in restaurant, so you can expect to wait a little. If you’re looking for a nice meal and a relaxing atmosphere, you’ll find it here. The wait is minimal, but it can be long.

The restaurant’s brunch menu is especially good, and you can expect to find cinnamon in your coffee. You can also order a delicious guacamole and chorizo hash. Besides Mexican fare, you can also enjoy a nice agave margarita or a jalapeno tequila cocktail. You can also try a chicken enchilada with mole sauce.

El Pollo Loco

When it comes to fast-casual Mexican restaurants, El Pollo Loco is one of the best-known names. In 1980, the company opened its first location in Guasave, Mexico, and in 1982, it opened another restaurant in Los Angeles. With only 38 seats, the first Los Angeles location was a success, and it collected $2 million in its first year of operation. In the following years, the company expanded aggressively into other northern states, but a poor economic climate has made the business more vulnerable.

Fortunately, the menu at El Pollo Loco is diverse enough to offer something for everyone. It includes standard Mexican standbys as well as a twist on traditional favorites. Seared tuna, grilled whitefish, spicy shrimp tacos, and grilled chicken are among the specialty items on the menu. There’s also an extensive list of sides to choose from. If you want to add a twist, try the Baja Shrimp Tostada.

El Pollo Loco is streamlining

As a result of these changes, El Pollo Loco is streamlining other aspects of its restaurant business, including franchising. It has begun using stemless serrano peppers and pre-cut cilantro. The company also plans to trial a simplified menu later in 2022. This will increase the accuracy of order-taking and service speed. Once the menu is simpler, employees will be able to focus on making the best possible food for their customers.

A fast-casual restaurant chain founded in Guasave, Sinaloa, Mexico, opened its first US location in 1980. Since then, El Pollo Loco has expanded to over 500 locations across the western United States. The chain has become one of the most popular chains of Mexican restaurants in the US, and it serves SoCal Mexican food, creative salads, and juicy fire-grilled chicken.

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