Reddit Residency

reddit residency

The Residency subreddit of Reddit is a great resource for finding information about residency programs and how to get in. The subreddit has hundreds of thousands of members, including doctors, residents, medical students, and others interested in residency programs.

Reddit’s /r/medicalschool community

The community for medical schools on Reddit Residency is chock full of complaints. Many of these complaints are made by residents or interns, claiming that the attendings they work under are rude and uncaring. It’s important to remember that these people have only been in residency for a few months. As such, they’re unlikely to understand the inanities that are being posted about them.

In the current study, we explore the emergence of a dominant discourse within the community on Reddit’s /r/MedicalSchool subreddit. These perceptions are probably the result of ontological insecurity.

The /r/medicalschool subreddit contains over 211 000 medical school-related posts. It is an excellent resource for any student who has questions about the application process and wants to ask questions about specific medical schools.

Medical school is a costly endeavor. It demands time and money and does not guarantee a career. A recent workforce study indicated that there would be an oversupply of emergency medicine doctors by 2030.

Reddit’s residency subreddit

Reddit’s residency subreddits are for people who are currently in residency and want to talk about their experiences. They’re not for those who want advice on getting into residency, or selecting a residency program. Those who ask these questions should post in r/medical school.

Interview process

If you’re an AMA member, you can view a recording of the event to learn more about the residency interview process. The video will provide you with a better understanding of how the interview process works, and how to make it a success. A successful interview is crucial for getting an invite to a residency.

Social media team

The social media team at Reddit is a small group of people with a common goal: to provide the best user experience possible. They aim to make the online community more inclusive and user-friendly, thereby bringing more people into the community. Reddit has over a billion users, and they hope to reach 1 billion in the near future. To reach that number, they have brought in companies to help them with the social media side of things.

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