Rear View Cycling Camera

Behind-the-back collisions are the greatest fear of cyclists.

Your back is watched by the Garmin rear view camera cycling, plus the screen up front is huge. This sounds amazing. Right? 

Do you feel as though you are persistently checking the traffic on your bike when you commute? 

It is conceivable to fix your problem with a Garmin rear view camera. This can be accomplished with a cockpit-mounted wide angle mirror. However, these mirrors move based on the movement of the handlebars, so they can be inconvenient sometimes. Cycling rear view cameras are mounted on your seat post, since they show you exactly what you need to see – what lies behind you. Buy now But it goes far beyond that.

Cycling Rear View Camera

The camera on the seat post can transmit a continuous feed in real time to your handlebar LCD display so that you can see the view as you ride. The screen shows you vehicles that are approaching from behind. People riding bicycles say it feels like they are looking at the back of their heads.

Thus, you may be able to avoid a dangerous driver by reacting in time. Video is captured continuously by the camera. This means that if you are involved in an accident, the video can be used as evidence in court as a similar device to a dash cam on your car.

Why you should have Rear View Cycling Camera

  • You can record what lies behind your vehicle with the rear view camera.
  • Keep an eye on the road ahead as you watch for approaching traffic.
  • Radar systems provide inaccurate readings since they can’t detect approaching traffic
  • It is impossible to see everything through mirrors
  • Drivers who are not paying attention may miss the lights and flags

This product can be used as an alternative to mirrors or an alternative to the obsolete crane your neck approach to see behind.

Super Garmin Rear View Camera Cycling Benefits

Night Vision

The night vision sign will be visible if you are riding at night.

Easily rotate 360 degrees

A 360-degree rotating bracket allows you to tuck in comfortably in such a way that you remain in your ideal riding position while getting the best view.

USB Charging

One battery charge can last for approximately 5-6 hours thanks to the battery capacity of 6000mAh.

Super Wide Angle

The ultra wide-angle lens can offer a wider and clearer view. By showing the scene at its actual distance, no distortion will occur.

Clear View

Monitors update in real time, screens are smooth, HD camera is bright and provide a great visual experience.

Diameter of monitor bracket

Screen brackets can be rotated to adjust their diameter, and are designed to fit handlebars with diameters of 20-30 mm.

Buckle joint Design

When riding on uneven road surfaces, you can rely on the buckle joint design to keep the screen stable.

Weather Resistant

Weather-resistant and rugged, the camera system is suitable for riding in moderate weather conditions. It has a rechargeable battery that lasts for up to 9 hours. 

Rear view bike cameras are easy to install, waterproof, battery-operated, and rechargeable, so these cameras are ideal for cyclists on the go. Best cycling store The camera also has flashing LEDs, so it doubles as both a way to see what’s behind you as you ride and a way to add visibility.

LCD Screens

LCD screens are light-adjustable, so depending on the lighting, you can crank them up or down.

The Garmin Rear View Camera is equipped with a completely integrated tail light that can be seen by other road users at over 2 miles away.

Even under very dim lighting conditions, the SONY camera sensor delivers high-quality footage. The details of vehicles, faces, license plates, and even the type of vehicle will be clearly visible, even at night with shallow ambient brightness.

With the high frames per second rate, ascension of the camera, and image sensors, image stability during rides should not be an issue either. Additionally, the image sensor is capable of processing images without reduction in quality, and even improves the image excellency over what can be seen with the naked eye

As with its other products, Garmin rear view camera cycling uses a universal bracket that allows the camera to be attached to all bike seat posts.

Cycling Helmet Rear View Camera

Bicycle helmets with dual cameras let cyclists see behind their backs. The humble bicycle helmet is no longer just a protective shell for your head — these days, they have gained features like;

  • walkie-talkies
  • osteophony
  • blind spot detection systems
  • Turn signals

A helmet camera, often called an adventure camera, is a small, lightweight recording device with HD video capabilities that don’t weigh you down or interfere with your movements.

Viewing dangers with a cycling helmet rear-view camera is easy and can be used as a recording tool. Rear-view Helmet Cameras in Full HD capture an incredible 320 degrees in every direction with its wide-angle lenses (160-degree), making a total of 320 degrees of view. 

Dual-Memory Card

There are two 32 GB memory cards for video footage installed in the cycling helmet, so about four hours of video can be stored. The micro USB port in the helmet allows you to transfer footage from the internal storage to a computer. In addition, the 3,200mAh battery can be recharged via it, and is capable of lasting 2 to 3 hours when fully charged.

The livestream mode emphasizes safety by enabling riders to react to vehicles and other dangers that may arise, as well as record any incidents that may occur. 

Cycling Glasses with Rear View Camera

Bicycle glasses include rear view mirrors that allow you to see the road behind without turning your head and losing your focus. 

We all tend to be involved in more than one athletic interests. Cycling Glass with Rear View Cameras is not exclusive to cycling but can be used for any sport that demands forward attention, yet allows rear visibility as well.

Keeping an eye on the back with the rear view cycling glasses allows you to stay alert in unsafe areas. Thanks to a design straight out of an action movie, these cycling glasses keep you cognizant of your surroundings so no one can catch you unaware. 

Premium Properties of Cycling Glasses Rear View Camera

A premium quality glasses with mirror has following traits:

Slightly transparent

Keep both your eyes open in front and behind you.

Reflection of reality

As far as the eye can see, everything is what it appears to be.


Obviously, no one ever wants to wear heavy cycling glasses.

Optimal transparency

There is no obstruction of forward motion.

Monitoring of threats

Suitable for every cyclist, no matter what the circumstance.

An improved view

Widest field of view possible when viewing the rear.

Looks like a pair of sunglasses, but these are cycling glasses. Nonetheless, they have an unusual feature. It gives you a behind the back view. A vehicle won’t be able to sneak up on you while you’re looking at it. Almost like having a rear view mirror right beside you.


Cycling Rear View Camera along with Cycling Helmet Rear View Camera are blessings for cyclists that ensure a safe ride. Save them from unwilling incidents and dangers. Similarly, a set of cycling glasses allows you to see what is going on behind you while looking straight ahead despite the special coating on the lenses. Great for not only cycling but also for running, and walking. Being a cycling fanatic you should have them all.  

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