Realistic Super Bowl 57 Matchups

For some reason, the media and oddsmakers alike believe that the San Francisco 49ers are the second best team in the NFC, higher than the Dallas Cowboys and Minnesota Vikings. San Fran is starting a guy at QB, Jimmy Garappolo, who they tried to ship off this off-season. They wanted him gone because although he is talented and wins games, they felt like he couldn’t win the big one. Oddsmakers seem to disagree.

Buffalo Bills vs Philadelphia Eagles

This matchup is the odds-on favorite at sportsbooks. We also think this is the matchup which is most likely to happen. Both teams are loaded with talent and when playing well, cannot be beat. You can pretty much count on Buffalo being slight favorites in this matchup.

Kansas City Chiefs vs Dallas Cowboys

This is the matchup we like second most. When the Dallas offense is rolling no team can stop it. And now they have a good defense too. Their number one weakness is that they seem to fold late in the season. Kansas City, on the other hand, has been to two Super Bowls and won one of them. They’ve been there before and can win it again. Their defense is not as good as those previous years ( ranked #19 ), however, and they are missing Tyreek Hill at WR.

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