Practice Mate and Charmhealth: What you should know!

Practice mate is software by office ally; the software is cloud-based and HIPPA compliant. Practice mate has uplifted the quality of healthcare. The healthcare departments have shown their trust and belief in the software. There are some excellent features of the software that we will discuss below.

Features and reviews:

We will present you with the features and reviews of practice mate EHR to better understand the software. The Office ally practice mate features are unique and the best as they include,

Patient scheduling: When patients do not find the right way to approach the doctors, they tend to miss or skip the meeting; the problem practice mate has introduced a schedule to answer the problem

Electronic Prescription: There is no longer any need to go to the doctor to get that paper in your hand. Now, with the greatness of the practice mate software, you can have electronic prescriptions within seconds. Electronic prescriptions have many benefits, including saving the pill forever and no fear of losing it, and the other is saving your time. It is just about a click, and you are good to go.

• Patient Portal: Patient portal feature of practice mate stands out as it allows users to see complete details of their medical records. Now, patients do not need to worry about losing the data; they can have all details safe in their patient portal.

Office ally practice mate reviews:


• Some users said that the best part of the software is that you can always track all the information. The tracking system helps the patients to have a clearer idea of what they are getting into;

• Users said they were satisfied with how they were given the appointment reminders. In addition, they noted that the reminders were beneficial for their medical processes.

• Some users said that the software’s billing management was the best part as it saved them much time.


• However, some people had reservations about the software; one of the users said they faced problems when going through the billing procedures.

• The other problem noted in the software was the limited functionality. Practice mate reviews are valuable because they help users find out the essential details.

Charmhealth EHR & its details:

Charmhealth is a unique software that is a cloud-based electronic health record system. It is designed to uplift the healthcare system and provide the best assistance to every person in need. Charmhealth offers its services to large organizations and small medical offices, maintaining quality. It is HIPPA compliant and has many other features that we will discuss below.

Charmhealth Features:

E-prescription: one of its best features is e-prescription. With the feature of e-prescription, the patients can have the prescription online while sitting at home. The days are gone when the patients had to be physically present in the hospital to get the prescription of charmHealth; patients do not have to worry about this problem. It saves the time of the patients and benefits the doctors as well.

Patient portal: Another striking feature of charmhealth is the patient portal. The charm health patient portal has the complete details of the patient’s record. Now you should not be worried about losing any piece of information because charmhealth helps you store all the essential information in its patients’ portal.

Voice recognition: The latest feature introduced to the software world is voice recognition, and charmhealth has the option for this feature. Voice recognition lets you. have the opportunity to record your voice message, and the letters are then translated into notes. The notes are the key factor in giving the doctor the correct information about your concerned problem.

Appointment reminders: Another fantastic feature of charmhealth ehr is the appointment reminder. There are times when patients forget about their appointments, and for that, appointment reminders are the best solution as the reminders are sent via text or calls. In addition, many people have started to remember their selections better due to appointment reminders.

Charmhealth Reviews:


• Users had many positive things to say about the software. One of the reviews revolved around the easy management of the software. They said it was straightforward to manage the option, and the system was efficient, making the work easy for users.

• One of the users wrote that the best part of the software is that it allows the patients to edit their information. They said that editing is a critical task for managing your patient portal.

• Another review on charmhealth ehr talked about charmhealth EHR’s customer support. They praised the efficiency of the support and said that they had a great experience because of the customer support. Moreover, they noted that they heard them whenever they suggested something to customer support and worked on it.


• However, some people had reservations about the software; they said there were some glitches in the software’s working. Those glitches made their work slow, which was not a good experience.

• Another user had some reviews about the software’s billing system. They said that they did not find the billing system efficient enough. Their efficiency in terms of billing management is to be improved.

Our Thoughts:

The best software available today is charmhealth and office ally practice mate software. The two have proven to be the best because of how efficient their work is, including the features that have uplifted the value of healthcare facilities. Instead of charmhealth vs practice mate, we brought you a complete guide. However, choosing the software best suited to your practice is essential to know the requirements. So, take our suggestions and go for it.

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