Possible Outcomes of Personal Injury Claims in Atlanta 

After being involved in a personal injury accident in Atlanta, you have the option to file a personal injury claim. Personal injury claims protect the accident victim with financial compensation for their injuries and damages. However, even though the law is simple, the process of getting compensation is not as straightforward as it appears. 

Multiple factors affect the outcome of the plaintiff’s case. In many situations, these factors can go against the plaintiff and result in denial of your compensation. Therefore, it is advisable to speak to a personal injury attorney Atlanta to get a deserving compensation. 

After you file for a personal injury claim, several possible outcomes of your case are discussed below. 

  1. Your case can be settled out of court. 

Most cases settle out of court, which means both parties agree with everything and get into a settlement agreement. The settlement involves a legal document wherein the settlement terms are specified. The agreement also states that the plaintiff cannot file a claim again. After both the parties sign the agreement, it will be presented to the judge, who will sign it to complete the settlement procedure. 

  1. The case goes to trial. 

When you speak to an attorney, they will most likely tell you to be prepared for trial. When both parties are unable to reach an agreement, your case will be moved to trial, wherein the court will decide who is liable and the compensation amount you would get. It is necessary to have an attorney represent your case during the trial. Your attorney will present all the evidence against the defendant in front of the judge. Furthermore, the defendant also has the right to represent their evidence against you. After both the parties provide their evidence to the judge, he will consider various factors and determine the liable party. 

Usually, the trial has two outcomes -either the defendant will win or the claimant. 

  1. The losing party may appeal the case. 

Although the trial’s decision remains correct and both the parties need to accept it, the losing party can appeal the final decision. When the losing party appeals, the court can either overrule the decision with a new one, or the court will uphold the decision. In some cases, the court may order for re-trial again. 

Irrespective of the outcome, your attorney will guide you on all the possible ways to get compensation. 

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