Plastic Packaging and Plastic Innovations

Blue Wave Packaging Material Trading LLC is a pioneer in a plastic enterprise having different domain names in

APET Sheet, Thermoformed, Polyester Strapping and Recycled Plastics polymers production, export, and

import headquarter in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

We offer plastic packaging merchandise to our worldwide clients preserving in view the unequaled product

fine, aggressive costs and well-timed delivery.


Our APET sheet includes wonderful sturdiness with glass-like clarity, imparting our clients with a

fabric that each plays nicely and is visually appealing. Known for retaining its tension and

flexibility even after forming, the APET sheet is turning into one of the quickest developing segments withinside the

thermoforming enterprise.

It can be

processed extra speedy and economically than inflexible PVC and is a super fabric preference for applications

requiring an appealing package deal with most product visibility.

great barrier residences which shield the packaged product from outside beverages or gases, while

on the equal time maintaining the product’s flavors and aromas. Have extra questions or enquiries about

Polyester Strapping

BLUE WAVE Plastic Packaging Company is the main producer of Polyester Strapping (PET) for a huge

variety of Industries & Products. BLUE WAVE has the kingdom of artwork equipment imported from Europe to

manufacture excessive tensile PET Strapping. 

ability withinside the Middle East and is capable of delivering an advanced fine Strap World Wide. Our strapping

gadget guarantees the safety of your merchandise at some point of coping with the garage and thru delivery method.

Our PET Strap is synthetic in line with stringent fine standards. Quality begins off evolved with the uncooked

fabric: BLUE WAVE makes use of in-residence manufacturing of excessive fine granules /flakes for generating excessive tensile

PET Strapping. BLUE WAVE has States the artwork PET Bottle recycling plant that produces excessive fine Flakes /

Blue Wave plastic recycling department is the kingdom of the artwork and techniques a huge style of recycled plastics

uncooked materials. We purchase and method around 1000MT plastic waste each month. Our recycled plastics

are regrinds and pellets in exclusive grades that fit the clients’ requirements. We generally


PET Flakes and PET Preform Regrinds

PVC Cable Cover Regrind

HDPE Inj Grade Regrind/Pellets

HDPE Blow Grade Regirnd

PP Inj Grade Regrind

PC Regrind

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