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The Peshawar real estate market trends for 2022 have shown consistent real estate market patterns over the last three weeks. Investors in real estate consider Nova City Peshawar, Regi Model Town, Hayatabad, and Defense Housing Authority the best areas. These have reappeared, and market activity is rapidly growing in stages with critical infrastructural upgrades. This Blue World City  real estate is changing in a variety of ways. It occurred as a result of recent changes and rising buyer interest. 

The Market for Real Estate in 2022

Due to the political unrest surrounding the nation’s real estate sector in 2022, one might expect investment growth in the years to come. The only explanation is that several real estate projects now underway around the nation will affect real estate prices until they are completed. On these projects, engineers from China and Pakistan are collaborating. Chinese investments would boost the country’s economy when finished, especially in the real estate industry. As many Chinese people want to live in Gwadar and the surrounding regions closer to their supervisors, such operations would also increase chances. Massive foreign investment might be attracted by the CPEC, which would stabilize real estate market patterns.

According to specialists, both new and old projects are being considered by buyers and investors in the region. Since the most recent elections, several real estate specialists have observed that investors and buyers are acting more than previously in the market. It has a positive effect on Peshawar’s real estate market trends. According to experts, the real estate market for 5-marla plots is quite interested in the Regi Model Town and Defense regions. In contrast to the previous several months, when there was minimal activity, many investors bought plots quickly. Regi Model Town has historically been the chosen location for most homeowners and has seen greater interest in Zone 3. Defense regions Blocks A & B are superior, and rates have increased by PKR 100,000 to 200,000.

While DHA receives more international investment, the latter two projects are more well-known to residents. Famous top names for most Pakistani consumers and investors believe the project would be successful in the long term regarding the DHA areas. Even though the country’s real estate market has remained stable over the last six months, prices for plot files in DHA have dramatically dropped. However, they have increased by 25% in Regi Model Town and Hayatabad.

Major Initiatives

Real estate is a business that relies on observable development, both within and outside of actual real estate developments. Peshawar’s real estate market is undergoing significant infrastructure changes that will fundamentally alter urban living as we now know it. Such Blue World City Sports Valley endeavors have a chance of causing the need to increase significantly. The Ring Road construction is expected to be finished in the next two years, at which point one anticipates a rise in property rates in Regi Model Town. The most extraordinary access for inhabitants would be through the two major metropolitan roads, the Northern Bypass of the motorway and Regi Model Town.

Suppose DHA continues to expand more obviously, which will ultimately draw more people to this property, which would help Peshawar’s real estate market. However, at this point, files are only being switched, and it will take some time before everything is entirely finalized, making it even more difficult for dealers and developers to predict how long it will take. Due to this recent uptick in confidence, Peshawar’s real estate market has accelerated. According to real estate experts, more investors and purchasers will soon overrun the market.


Peshawar’s real estate market trends seem to be great as both domestic and foreign investors indicated an interest in the country’s real estate industry. Investors are drawn to these properties because they are legal and provide favorable payback terms.

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