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Outer Banks series star Rafe Cameron is the main character and secondary antagonist of the show. Rafe is the eldest son of Ward Cameron, the owner of Cameron Development. He is the brother of Wheezie and Sarah Cameron. Rafe was on track to inherit the family business, but instead dropped out of college and started abusing drugs. His relationship with his father has strained and he is abusive towards his sister Sarah, calling her a “bitch”.

Outer Banks character rafe cameron

The Netflix original series Outer Banks has a very sinister side and the main character is none other than Rafe Cameron. The eldest son of Ward Cameron and the older brother of Sarah and Wheezie, Rafe had once planned to inherit the family business, Cameron Development, but then dropped out of college and started abusing drugs.

As for Rafe Cameron, he may not die in season 2 but has stayed on the Outer Banks since the last episode. Though the character had a tragic ending, fans can rest assured that he will be back for season 3. After all, Rafe has never died on the show, and he is still the main antagonist of the Pogues. In Season 2, Rafe will continue to elude justice, and his fate is in the hands of others.

In the first season, Rafe murdered his own father and tried to kill John B. He also threatened Rose and Pope. His life is not a happy one, and he struggles to move on. His character is considerably taller than Kelce, who plays his younger sister. Although Rafe’s sex life is not entirely savory, his pranks and impulsive acts are a constant source of drama.

Season two of Outer Banks concludes with an action-packed finale. While the series has brought in some new characters, its core cast remains intact.

In season two, Rafe began to question his own loyalties. He became the man of the house when his father accidentally kills himself. However, Rafe achieved this status through less than admirable means. He shot his sister in the head, then tried to drown her in order to finish the job. This decision, however, made Rafe a powerful villain, and ultimately caused trouble for the family.

Character’s personality type

If you want to know more about Rafe Cameron’s personality type, you’ve come to the right place. Rafe is an ESTP, which means that he’s highly charismatic and impulsive. But there are also signs that indicate that Rafe may have unhealthy traits. For example, his paranoia and impulsivity may be indicative of psychopathy, and his impulsive behavior could indicate a serious addiction problem. Nevertheless, Rafe is an overall great leader and tactician, and his astrology sign is Aries. Since Rafe’s element is Fire, his symbol is the ram, his fiery nature makes it difficult for him to control his temper and impulsivity.

Despite his drug addiction and poor decision-making skills, Rafe believes that he is doing the right thing. Although he’s not happy about his decision to murder Peterkin, Rafe tries to justify his actions by saying that he’s trying to protect his family and is only hurting Sarah because he doesn’t like to hurt people. His lack of self-control makes him unpredictable and unreliable, and he struggles to remain calm in any situation.

The ESTP personality style is the most common one among ESTPs, and Rafe Cameron fits this description perfectly. He has a heightened sense of intuition and is an intuitive thinker. Although he may be trouble-making, Rafe Cameron is a wonderful role model for anyone with an ESTP personality.

As a child, Rafe was a friend of Y/N, and grew to love her. He admired her body and became obsessed with her for six months. He couldn’t stop thinking about her, and her clothes gave the impression of boning. Rafe was in love with Y/N, but his sister was horrified.

Zodiac sign

Despite being a Scorpio, Rafe Cameron’s Zodiac signs suggest that he is a bit of a tough guy. A Leo is a person who craves respect and will act accordingly to gain that recognition. This means that Rafe can be extremely aggressive, tough-minded, and sometimes even biting. His desire to get respect makes him the perfect villain. Because of this, Rafe is constantly jealous of Sarah and is always owing her money.

Both Sarah and Kiara are classic Geminis, zodiac signs known for being duality. Geminis have the unique ability to bend the truth in order to fit into new environments. Kiara is the embodiment of a virtuous Cancer. This sign is all about protecting others above all else.

Despite the fact that these characters don’t celebrate their birthdays or consult their horoscopes, they all share certain traits that match their zodiac signs. For example, John B, the protagonist of Outer Banks, is a Leo. He is a leader and enjoys taking charge. He dives headfirst into challenges. This gives him a cheerful disposition and a strong determination to succeed.

In the Netflix series “Outer Banks”, Rafe Cameron is the eldest son of Ward and Sarah Cameron. He has two sisters, Wheezie and Sarah. However, he was unable to fulfill this dream and began dealing cocaine to kooks in town. Rafe Cameron’s relationship with his father is strained, and he is often rude and abusive towards his sister Sarah.

Rafe Cameron’s zodiac sign – Aries – indicates that he is an ESTP personality type. Unlike an ISTP personality, an ESTP is extremely impulsive and prone to impulsivity. This means that Rafe Cameron tends to do things that are risky or dangerous purely for attention. Ultimately, this is a bad personality trait and may lead to addictions and other problems.


It is important to understand the behavior of Rafe Cameron if you’re interested in watching this show. This troubled man has some issues. His father was a violent psychopath and he takes after him. His upbringing and lifestyle haven’t helped him come to terms with who he is. Because of this, Rafe’s violent tendencies are a direct result of his cocaine addiction.

While his friends and family are largely concerned about his safety, Rafe seems to have no concern for his own safety. He is not afraid to steal money and random objects, including boats and equipment. His reckless behavior is often motivated by wanting to impress his father and his friends. However, he has a vendetta against Sarah and John B.

Rafe Cameron is a self-absorbed individual who struggles with the idea of being better than other people. His desire to appear superior to others is driven by fear of losing the respect of Topper and Kelce. When Ward kicks Rafe out of the Cameron household, Rafe realizes that he is not worthy of respect. However, he begs Ward not to leave him and tries to win the trust of his father by killing the Sheriff.

Rafe Cameron’s behavior is not only hurtful to women, but also to his friends. He asks Theo a question like, “Did you like him?” In fact, Rafe’s behavior is in fact the opposite of the way that most women react to their partners. They don’t know how to act and react around Rafe. This makes Rafe Cameron’s behavior even more disturbing.

While his father is incompetent to protect Rafe from the abuse of his father, he tries to make ends meet by snatching money from drug dealers. In addition, Rafe blames John B. for the shooting of Sheriff Peterkin and tries to make himself more important than Sarah. These behaviors are symptomatic of his mental issues.

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