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To find out if your region offers Online RN refresher course, contact the regional AHEC for your county. If so, you’ll know exactly how much the program costs and what you’ll need to do to qualify.


To complete an RN/LVN refresher course, a certified nursing assistant or licensed vocational nurse (LVN) must have at least one year’s experience in the field. In most cases, a refresher course is required to reactivate a license. A good online course will allow the student to obtain that license while working. It is also convenient for working nurses who do not have time to attend classes.

This self-paced course consists of independent study modules supervised by faculty. It also includes a 100-hour supervised clinical experience. The course emphasizes clinical nursing procedures and enhances the knowledge base of registered nurses. The course is available in either full-time or part-time format and allows participants to complete the course in as little as 15 weeks.

licensed RN must have prior hospital experience

To complete the course, a licensed RN must have prior hospital experience in the U.S., with the length of their practice based on how long they have been practicing as an RN. Recent graduates may be able to count the hospital experience that came with their nursing program. Non-U.S.-trained participants must have at least three months of prior RN/LVN practice.

Upon successful completion of the course, students are ready to take the final exam. If they fail the test, they can take the course again for an additional fee, but must make a plan to do so. If you fail the exam, you should plan on enrolling in a different course.

skills and learn

Refresher courses can be a great way for working nurses to brush up on their skills and learn the latest innovations in the profession. A well-rounded online nurse refresher course can provide you with the necessary training to regain your license or earn a license.

A refresher course in nephrology Nurse Refresher course southern California will help you understand your role and the risks associated with chronic kidney disease. You will also learn about the prevention of chronic kidney disease through nephrology.

Best American Healthcare University

The RN/LVN refresher program at Best American Healthcare University is ideal for returning nurses. Depending on your availability, you can take it online or in a traditional classroom setting.

You may choose to recertify as a nurse after completing a medical surgical refresher course or complete a refresher course as a part of your continuing education. The benefits of a nursing refresher course are well worth it.


Best American Nurse Refresher course is designed for both new nurses and experienced nurses who have not practiced nursing for an extended period of time, or have been working in a field where they didn’t utilize their “hands-on clinical skills”. The goal of this class is to give an update on nurses’ knowledge and skills. Strong emphasis is placed on clinical nursing procedures. This 8 -week online course will help increase the skills and confidence of RN’s and LPN’s as they return to the clinical setting. It is also a very useful course for new graduate nurses as well as nurses preparing for NCLEX RN or NCLEX VN/PN. This course is approved for CE Credits with the BRN & BVNPT. Enroll now at

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