Nicki Minaj Responds to Piers Morgan on Twitter

Nicki Minaj blasted Piers Morgan for calling her “clown” and accusing her of being a stalker. Piers Morgan responded on Twitter and apologized for the remarks. However, Nicki Minaj’s criticism of Piers Morgan isn’t completely over. He’s still in the spotlight after blasting her on Twitter. Here are some of her responses to Piers Morgan’s recent twitter posts.

Nicki Minaj calls Piers Morgan a “clown”

In a heated exchange of words, Nicki Minaj called Piers Morgan a “clown.” She also called the former America’s Got Talent judge a “rude little madam” and said that her comments on the Coronavirus vaccine could cost lives. Minaj later denied ever meeting Piers Morgan, but he reminded her that she had refused to greet him at a party.

The two have a history of feuding on Twitter, and Minaj has recently called Piers Morgan a “clown.” The rapper has spoken out on the subject of vaccinations and hesitancy to receive them. The controversy surrounding Minaj’s stance on the topic isn’t new, as Morgan has been outspoken about the issue on his show.

After Nicki Minaj’s tweet about the covid vaccine sparked a firestorm, Piers Morgan has refueled the feud between the two stars. In an interview with TalkTV, Morgan claimed that the pop star “dismissed him” and rebuffed his requests to meet her sons. “I’m sorry, but you’re a clown!” Minaj responded on Twitter.

Nicki Minaj accuses him of being a “stalker”

In the midst of a media frenzy, Nicki Minaj has faced backlash from some quarters after her decision to leave Little Mix. The pop star has confirmed her absence from the VMAs due to her positive Covid test, but opted not to attend the Met Gala in the meantime. Piers Morgan is not alone in accusing the rapper of being a “stalker” and “anti-vax,” and has been accused of being anti-vax by a host of media personalities.

Piers Morgan apologizes on twitter

Television presenter Piers Morgan has issued a tongue-in-cheek apology for calling Meghan Markle “delusional” in a Twitter post. The apology comes just days before BlackBerry phones are declared dead – the company behind the product pulled support from today. Piers Morgan also tweeted a throwback photo of himself holding the BlackBerry. Fortunately for fans, the show has remained on air since the apology.

In the aftermath of Teigen’s apology, Piers Morgan took to Twitter to address the issue. Chrissy Teigen, who was named Chrissy in the apology, had accused the reality TV host of being racist on Twitter. Teigen has responded to Morgan’s apology with a lengthy statement, calling her a “professional social media troll.”

Nicki Minaj blasts Piers Morgan

After the Nicki Minaj vs Taylor Swift feud hit the news, the disgraced CNN anchor took to Twitter to voice his opinion about the situation. Morgan’s piece on Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift quickly went viral and is currently trending all over the world. However, Morgan’s column didn’t go down well with Black Twitter, the social media community of African-Americans who discuss issues of relevance to their people. In the piece, Morgan complains about the poor work ethic of Nicki Minaj.

The rapper’s tweet has prompted a war of words on Twitter, with Morgan branding the pop star “rude” on two occasions. Piers Morgan drew on Nicki Minaj’s controversial Twitter post regarding the COVID-19 vaccine, where she said that a coronavirus vaccine had rendered her cousin infertile. Despite Minaj’s comments, both Morgan and the chief medical officer of England have criticized the singer’s tweet and branded her “rude little madam”.

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