New Edition Cast to Appear in a BET Biopic

The New Edition cast tries to pull off the look of the original group. In a movie, they pretend to be the members of the group. The film was shot on the set of the group’s life-changing album, which is due out in 2017.

Appear in a biopic on BET

The New Edition cast will also appear in a biopic on BET. It will also feature young members of the group. It will feature Community actor Yvette Nicole Brown and Bre-z from Empire. The story will follow the group as they grow up and make their way to stardom. The biopic will be released in three parts.

The cast of the new Edition film is filled with talented actors. The ensemble includes La Anthony, Yvette Nicole Brown, Monica Calhoun, and Wood Harris. The movie will also feature Michael Rapaport, Faizon Love, and Shanice Davis. In addition, the show will feature Taylor Lewis, who recreates an iconic pic. The actress is an editor at Essence magazine and has been a part of several Essence films.

Bobby Brown gets ready to film

As New Edition prepares for its upcoming tour, Bobby Brown gets ready to film the music video for “Every Little Step”. While he is filming the music video, he is accidentally clipped by DC Young Fly. He compares it to Gumby and decides to change his hairstyle before the video’s release. In the music video, Bobby Brown must debut his signature look and maintain the style.

Ralph still seems to have a hard time moving forward. He starts a music label. He frequently asks artists to read their contracts. This is how he can make a difference in the lives of the artists. However, he and Xeina share a strong bond with their parents. During the film’s production, the gang members have a lot of in common with each other.

Cast is made up of many people

The film stars the group’s members, who were formerly afraid of performing. The East Coast Family also toured in the U.S. as a result of their success. This group formed the East Coast Family, which is part of Motown Records.

The New Edition biopic stars Ronnie and Bobby as the group’s idols. The film features their childhood days in New York, which inspired the group to produce their own movie. The New Edition cast includes actors who have worked on multiple projects. Those familiar with the New Testament may recognize him in the film.

Meeting between Johnny and Ralph

The New Edition movie’s plot begins with a meeting between Johnny and Ralph. The two men share a bond and share the same love for music. As the two men discuss the film, they also find things they have in common. After all, the group is a team. It’s not a band. It’s a family.

The New Edition biopic will focus on the band’s early days as a successful group. The New Edition cast also features a host of actors who played key roles for the group during their idol days.

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