Moda in Pelle Uses Criteo to Optimise Campaigns and Track Performance

Criteo enables marketers to increase their efficiency and profitability through automated bidding. The company’s automatic bidding tool ensures consistent COS and automated campaign adjustments in response to seasonality, trade, and competitive bidding. Moda in Pelle used Criteo’s automated bidding tool to optimise campaigns and track campaign performance. We were able to increase the brand’s COS and increase its efficiency and performance by over 104%.

Optimising digital campaigns for Moda in Pelle

Optimising digital campaigns for Moda-in-Pelle has helped the brand achieve an impressive 33% increase in sales. The company worked with Digital marketing agency Visualsoft and the Pink Ribbon Foundation to run a campaign to boost sales during the May Bank Holiday, and to raise PS50,000 for the UK’s breast cancer charities. To increase sales, Moda-in-Pelle launched a campaign wherein selected lines were available at 50% off and 5% of sales went to the charity.

As a leading women’s fashion brand, Moda-in-Pelle is looking to further expand its digital presence. The brand has over 40 years of experience creating stunning leather shoes, combining Italian and British sensibilities. The brand has 38 retail stores across the UK, and has also established a significant online presence. Having launched an innovative new online store last year, Moda-in-Pelle is keen to experiment with new formats and channels to grow their sales.

Managing online advertising for Moda in Pelle

Managing online advertising for Moda in Pella was made easy for them by the ChannelAdvisor platform. The solution helps businesses like Moda in Pelle to gain complete visibility into their business. It also provides insights into their profitability, business velocity, and product-level detail on Amazon and eBay. ChannelAdvisor’s solutions are trusted by leading brands, including B&Q, House of Fraser, and Ann Summers.

The brand, founded in 1975, has grown to become a national boutique brand. With over 40 years of experience, they combine British sophistication with Italian quality in creating beautiful leather shoes. The brand has a strong digital presence and is always keen to try out new formats for its campaigns. This is why they are looking for a digital partner that can help them expand their online presence and make it successful. The Moda in Pelle team is an ideal fit for any online advertising agency.

Tracking campaign performance with Criteo’s automated bidding tool

If you are looking to improve your conversion rates and increase click-through rates, track your campaign performance with Criteo’s automated bid tool. The automated bidding tool has three different optimization settings, which you can configure to maximize your conversions and click-through rates. You can either use a preset minimum CPC bid, or use a bespoke algorithm that adjusts your bids based on the probability of purchase. This feature requires an initial learning period, but it usually ends after a week.

Another useful feature is the ability to team up with high-profile publishers to reach more prospects. Tracking campaign performance is a must for any advertiser, and this tool allows you to do so automatically. It includes in-depth reporting tools. The platform uses artificial intelligence and algorithms to suggest ads based on previous web page visits and browsing history. For example, if a visitor was an avid shoe shopper, they will see ads for shoes on a fashion-related website.

If you’re concerned about privacy, you should check Criteo’s privacy policy. You can easily find the company’s contact information through a chatbox or speech icon on the site. You can also find tutorials, blog posts, and videos that explain some of the most common features. If you have specific questions or need more help, you can access the Management Center. And once you’ve created an account, you can even customize your targeting campaigns and digital ads.

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