Los Chingones – A Taste of Adventure

A sassy Mexican restaurant that’s based on chef Troy Guard’s teen years, los chingones is a Denver favorite. From its signature Birria Tacos with spicy braised beef and cheese to its guajillo beef jus and fresh cilantro, this is the place for a taste of adventure. The concept was first launched in RiNo neighborhood in the winter of 2013, and has since expanded to three locations: Colorado Mills Mall in Lakewood and the Denver Tech Center. It has also opened Los Lounge in the Eastbridge Development of Central Park.

Los Chingones restaurants

There are four Los Chingones restaurants in Denver, including a flagship location in the Eastbridge Town Center. The menu features fresh seafood, and the restaurants have fun murals and hip vibes. The Los Chingones website has detailed descriptions of the dishes, along with online ordering. You can book your parking at Loschingones using Parkwell, which also offers delivery. Once you’ve made your reservation, visit the restaurant and order your meal.

The name of this new Mexican restaurant is a play on the word “badasses.” With a focus on fish and seafood, Los Chingones has been a staple of the Denver food scene. With four locations, it’s easy to see why this restaurant is a hit among foodies. In addition to delicious food, the cozy atmosphere and impressive murals make Los Chingones a must-visit for any local foodie.

Restaurant Group is a rapidly growing chain

The TAG Restaurant Group is a rapidly growing chain, and it’s best to check out all of the locations if you’re visiting the city. The Los Chingones restaurants are major players in the TAG lineup, with four locations and several specials that make it a place worth a visit. For a taste of authentic Mexican cuisine, check out the menu at any of the four restaurants. You’ll be glad you did!

As part of the TAG Restaurant Group, Los Chingones is a Denver favorite. With four locations, it serves vibrant Mexican blending with fresh accents. Try the lamb neck tacos, which are piled with tender meat from the bones and served with warm tortillas. It’s easy to find parking at Los Chingones. You can even use Parkwell to reserve a spot at a location near your hotel.

Los Chingones restaurant is located at 2463 Larimer St in Denver

The Los Chingones restaurant is located at 2463 Larimer St in Denver, Colorado. The food is vibrant and fresh, and the atmosphere is a perfect place to enjoy a delicious meal with a group of friends. You can book a parking space at Los Chingones with Parkwell, which can help you save money on parking. The group’s restaurant has also opened two locations in the city’s Stapleton neighborhood.

If you’re looking for a new place to eat in Denver, try Los Chingones. The two Denver locations focus on seafood, while the other one focuses on meat and chicken. If you’re craving something more authentic, head to the Los Chingones restaurant at 2463 Larimer St. A visit to this restaurant will surely satisfy your craving for delicious Mexican cuisine and an amazing dining experience. While it’s possible to park at any of its locations, parkwell parking is recommended.

Los Chingones has four locations in Denver, and it’s worth a visit to any one of them. The menus are both innovative and flavorful, and the food is sure to please even the most discerning palates. The restaurant has a great location for dining in RiNo. Despite its relatively small size, it serves up a wide variety of Mexican favorites, including a savory burger.

Mexican blending and accents

Los Chingones is located at 2463 Larimer St. in Denver, Colorado. It offers vibrant, fresh Mexican blending and accents. The lamb neck taco is a must-try dish at the restaurant. The savory meat of the lamb neck is piled on top of warm tortillas. The location also has a website. If you’re looking for a parking space at Los Chingones, you can use Parkwell.

Los Chingones is a colorful Mexican restaurant located at 2463 Larimer St. The name means “badass” in Spanish. The menu features a diverse selection of Mexican dishes and is reminiscent of the Mexican culture. The colorful murals and unique specials make Los Chingones a Denver favorite. If you’re in the area for brunch, you’ll want to check out its three locations in the RiNo neighborhood.

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