Jordy Burrows – The Husband of Nathalie Kelly

Jordy Burrows is the husband of Nathalie Kelly, an Australian model and actress. The two met through mutual friends. There is no information about the birth date of the couple’s children. However, we can assume that they have a good relationship despite being so young.

Member of the white ethnicity

Jordy Burrows is an Australian and a member of the white ethnicity. He follows the Christianity religion. He has a friendly personality and is patient with his fans. Despite the separation, Jordy and Nathalie are close friends. They never talked negatively about the breakup. The couple has not revealed their hobbies or interests, and their relationship is still private.

The couple spent their off-time together visiting Atlanta and Tulum, Mexico.

Actress Nathalie Kelley

Jordy Burrows is currently married to actress Nathalie Kelley. During the marriage ceremony, they exchanged vows and announced their engagement in 2018. The couple married in Australia on April 28, 2019. The couple has two sons. The wedding took place in June of this year and the two are living happily ever after. They are both happy in their careers and in their relationships.

Jordy Burrows is a popular Australian social media personality. He is a popular YouTuber and a renowned businessman. His wife, Nathalie Kelly, is a famous television personality and an actress. The couple have a long-lasting connection in the showbiz industry. The two have a son, and are friends.

Australian internet media personality

Jordy Burrows is an Australian internet media personality and the husband of a famous actress named Nathalie Kelly. The two are well-known for their successful relationship and their mutual friendship. They met through mutual friends in Australia and were together for four days. After a while, they started dating. Their relationship has been on for over a year now. In addition, the couple have one child. If you’re curious about Jordy’s family and lifestyle, you can visit the official website of the couple.

Jordy Burrows is a famous Australian internet personality. He is married to the actress Nathalie Kelley. The two dated for several years and announced their engagement on Instagram. The couple’s relationship was secret until they decided to tie the knot on 28th April 2018 and have no children. The two have no children and haven’t disclosed their financial background. They have been married for about five years now, but they have not made their relationship public yet.

The infamous Australian actor is also a wife. Their wedding was attended by Karl Stefanovic, an Australian TV personality. After the announcement, the couple exchanged their vows in Sydney. The couple’s love life is now going strong.

Popular TV personality and a popular actress

Jordy Burrows is a popular TV personality and a popular actress. He is married to Nathalie Kelley, an Australian actress who has worked in several famous movies. She also works for indigenous groups in Australia. She and her husband have no children. After announcing their engagement in 2018, they married on April 28. The couple is no longer together. They both live in Sydney. Interestingly, the two did not reveal their relationship.

In the year 2020, rumors of a split between Jordy Burrows and Nathalie Kelley began to circulate. Both of them remained absent from their Instagram accounts for months. In a statement to the media, Jordy Kelley explained that he was in Australia for family and work reasons. As for his past relationships, he has a few friends in Hollywood. And in the meantime, he lives a quiet, happy life in Sydney, Australia.

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