Jira Cost vs Trello Cost: Worth It or Not?

Released in 2002, the Jira tool is used by users across the globe to track issues and measure project development. If your goal is to create reliable and reputable applications, the Jira propriety tracking tool will help you attain it by planning, tracking, and releasing apps. Whereas Trello started in 2011 and has gained a decade’s experience to provide a trustworthy platform. Trello project management helps you organize details regarding tasks and assignments through visual tools. Keep reading to find out the essential differences between Jira cost vs Trello cost in relation to their functions.

Jira Cost

There are four types of Jira cost options:


Users can get started with Jira for free if they want to become familiar or simply want to work with a small team. This plan accommodates ten users per site and only one site is supported. For visual organization, users can access both Kanban and Scrum boards. You can even keep a backlog for each task to ensure that you follow the plan thoroughly.

Agile reporting gives uses reports and insights about the overall performance and tracks the team’s progress. Meanwhile, users retain the ability to integrate apps and tools that support their projects the way they want them to.

Additionally, automation is applicable to one project and basic access to roadmaps is also available. However, even the free plan provides surface-level admin controls with domain verification, account capture, and session duration management.


The standard plan costs $7 and it can be used to support around 20,000 users. The site limit is the same as that of the free plan. It is, naturally, inclusive of several additional benefits like a wider range of admin control options. Users can choose project roles for their team members and control permissions with advanced options.

Almost all of the security and compliance features are available to users who subscribe to the standard plan. This includes audit logs, password policies, and data residency among a few others.


Jira’s cost of the premium plan is $14 and it provides top-tier support to business owners who want to manage their teams as well. It has all of the features available in the other two payment plans but automation is supported on a global and multi-project level. Two of the unique features that make this one stands out are options for capacity planning and project archiving.

When it comes to admin controls, the list is extended with three added tools. Admin insights, for example, lets you overview the ongoing activity to process the development. Sandbox helps businesses execute flawless plans by testing what their strategy would look like before it is applied. Release tracks help users to stay on top of the latest products for smooth integration into your system.


Jira tool is also considerate of the requirements of large-scale businesses and provides an enterprise-grade subscription plan that is billed annually. The enterprise is integrated with the entire range of features of Jira software and you can generate a tentative cost through the website.


If you are interested in learning more about the Jira tool or how it can be used to maximize productivity, you can schedule a Jira demo through the website.

Trello Cost

Trello cost is divided into four subscription plans:


This first subscription option is the best choice for users who are working individually, getting started with trello cost, or working with a small team. The free pricing plan integrates key features for basic project management. Like, it can be used to generate unlimited cards and also make 10 boards per workspace. Unlimited power-ups can be integrated to support work management too.

Unlimited data storage can be accessed to create a centralized system for file management but the file size is limited to 10MB.

Users can run up to 250 workspace demands, use stickers and custom backgrounds, and maintain activity logs as well. In fact, you can specify assignees as well as due dates to manage details about a project.


This second option could be helpful for teams that want to scale collaboration. It charges $5 per month and can be used to create unlimited boards and advanced checklists. Likewise, it helps you maintain details through custom fields. The size of each file can be 250MB whereas unlimited data storage is available too.

You can run up to 10,000 workspace commands and maintain single-board guests as well.


The premium costs $10 per user on a monthly basis and it is the perfect choice for teams that have over 100 members. Firstly, this plan is a great choice as it provides visual tools like a dashboard view, timeline view, workspace table view, a map view, and a calendar view. There is no limit on the workspace commands that users can run per month.

Since templates can simplify management, the workspace-level templates can be quite helpful in saving time without compromising on the quality. Moreover, you can organize boards by collection based on department, workspace, etc. Admin control can be maintained with the observers feature to control permissions granted to users.


The estimated cost of this plan begins at $17 given that the number of users is 25 and it goes up as new members are added. The enterprise subscription option can be utilized for creating unlimited workspaces and for organization-wide permissions.

Some of the other benefits include attachment permissions, organization visible boards, public board management, and multi-board guests.

Trello Demo

The Trello demo is available in the form of a 2-minute video that comprehensively guides you through the functions of the software.

Jira vs Trello

The Jira software is an ideal tool for app development as well as resolving issues in the process. On the other hand, Trello software has a wider range of options for project tracking and streamlining information. Based on the features, the Jira cost vs Trello cost are quite comparable as well and can support teams of different sizes through different subscription options.

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